Impressions of the Realise Central Asia Tour


Dear brothers and sisters,

The Tour about the countries of the Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizia, has recently finished. It was held from May 1 till May 10 and was filled with much love and joy.

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Interest from Mass Media
Here is the reflection of the Tour in some types of the Mass Media and the story about the Tour goes below:

The Sahaja Yoga concert in Astana, Kazakstan, was beautifully described in the State newspaper of Kazakstan ( where it was mentioned that the music and dance groups “Jagruti” and “Sanjivani” from Russia were invited to Kazakstan by Sahaja Yoga organization.

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A video about the Tour was shown on Turkish TV and here is the impression of our brother from Turkey who saw it:

“Today I saw the DVD of Sahaja Yoga program made in BiSHKEK. Turkish television TRT turk has showed the program. Today I watched and I had tear in my eyes so beautiful and Shri MATAJI’s photo is also very visible on TV .There were dance, music also. At the end everybody was dancing nicely.I  want to congratulate our brother and sisters and the organizers for this beautiful program. Please convey our love to them. Congratulations! JSM Love, Sevgi Dorossinski”.

Russian Participants’ Story
The story of the Russian participants of the Tour comes as follows:

Jay Shri Mataji!

We would like to share our impressions of the Central Asia Tour. The tour was very eventful. Though it lasted for 10 days, we had an impression that a month flew by. During this time we became one dynamic group ready to spread Mother’s Message.

When we came to Alma Ata, Kazakstan, there was an earthquake in the city that day but fortunately it did not frighten the seekers and did not prevent them from coming to our concert, which was deep and full of joy. People danced with us at the end. After the concert 25 seekers came to a follow up program!

Also new people came to the beginner’s programs in Bishkek, Kirgizia, and Chimkent, Kazakhstan. The Sahaja Yogis from Alma Ata organized follow up programs there right on the spot. In Bishkek we conducted a master class of Indian dance in a Children`s Ballet School where we gave realization to young ballet dancers. Also there was a very vibrational conert, about 500 seekers came there.

In Chimkent quite a large Sahaja team cordially met us, and it’s really difficult to express in words how much love and care we got and felt. A concert was organized at a health resort in the mountains to which mostly elderly seekers came but they danced with us so dashingly after the concert and also meditated deeply. Some people were reading Muslim prayers. Also there was a very heartfelt and touching concert in an orphanage, after which our hearts and the hearts of the children were overwhelmed with love. We all were one family and the children got their second birth.

In most of the concerts after joyous qawwalis people meditated once again to the sounds of a raga increasing their meditating state.

This is not the complete list of the programs as there were several other programs as well, 10 overall. There also were several Sahaja Yogis from Uzbekistan who came to the program in Chimkent, Kazakhstan. We would like to note the hospitality and care of the Kazakhstan yogis as well as their devotion to Sahaja Yoga. Some organizing yogis took a vacation for two months specially for this.

It’s interesting that Muslims are very receptive and open to Sahaja Yoga. They were very friendly towards us and Shri Mataji. After all the concerts we all felt unity and joy of the Spirit, despite the fact that many of us were of different nationalities and religious beliefs.

Here you can see the photo report of the events (below the article):

Thank You, Mother, that You allowed us to become Your channels for spreading of Sahaja Yoga in Muslim lands!

Jai Shri Mataji!

Your brothers and sisters from Russia

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  1. Priyaranjan Kanungo

    Jai Shri Mataji,

    After reading the article my heart is full of joy. Superb, great work, carry on.

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