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Jai Shri Mataji

Dear Yogis,

Once more Yogis have returned to this great land of India as pilgrims and Yogis are about to embark on a Sahaja Yoga Tour of the great land of Bhoomi Devi.

Many of us having been inspired in our youth as Yogis coming on India Tour travelling with Shri Mataji from North to South, East to West. Our desire was to once more to be allowed to return to India and to follow in our Mother’s footsteps.

To be Her instruments, to see Her formless nature and power at work in the world and respect and honor this great land as pilgrims.

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Enjoy Heaven in our human forms

The first full day of the India Tour can only be described as being allowed to enjoy Heaven in our human forms. There were three main events, each allowed us to experience Shri Mataji’s Nirakara form in different aspects.

We started the day early with our bus taking us to Nirmal Dham. For many it would be their first visit. While Shri Mataji’s All pervading form means we can have direct connection anywhere and always. The Maha Samadhi remains one of the holiest sites upon Earth. The final resting place of Shri Mataji’s physical form has a spiritual significance and power that has a powerful effect upon all Yogis. To visit with  50 Yogis from all over the world creates a mood of reverence of deep consequence.

The threshold is paved with green marble, two marble lions sit guard at the entrance.  We were allowed into the white domed hall where Shri Mataji has been laid to rest, surrounded by glass walls and white marble. The space where Shri Mataji has been laid to rest is filled with natural light streaming in from all sides.

It is a beautiful  space with a sense of the sacred expressed with the ascetic of India.

The group began to spontaneously express their feeling through Music.  They sang songs of praise of our Mother.

Yogis sounded like the voices of angels

The acoustics in the hall with its elevated white domed ceiling are  beautiful. The voices of the Yogis sounded like the voices of angels reverberating from heaven, filling the space with sounds Divine. Music written and expressing our Bhakti  to our Mother sung from deep well springs of love, emotion and feeling of devotion.

It felt as if we were in some way reaching through an arc linking Heaven to the Earth. We were able to experience some aspect and quality of Shri Mataji’s All pervading Heavenly form.  One felt totally silent and the awe of God Almighty all pervading form, that which controls the
fall of every leaf to the ground and the movement of Heaven and Earth.

That we had been ushered into the presence of that formless form and felt that awe.

Mother welcoming Her children

We left Nirmal Dham and we were allowed to rehearse for the Tour at Shri Mataji’s home referred to as Noida Pratishthan . We arrived at the home of our Mother and as we entered the meditation room with the altar setup with a large photo of our Mother. This felt very different to the experience of Nirmal Dham. This felt like the joy of our Mother welcoming Her children into Her home for a celebration.

We collectively offered Puja, music, and songs.  Lunch was enjoyed, music filled the home together with the laughter, happiness of reunions, and joy of the Yogis.

This felt like our Mother welcoming us into Her home and the happiness of Yogis in their worshipful praise of their Mother.

Our procession then took us to the first program of the Tour to the Nirmal Prem Ashram. This Project remains one of the truly inspirational Sahaja Projects in the world. The NGO serves as orphanage for children who have lost their parents and women whom fate has left destitute. Uma Gisela who has been the driving force behind the Project is one of the really great Sahaja Yogis of the world. For when she next meets Shri Mataji they can speak much of how the world has been made a better place through her efforts of love and dedication offered to help others. Is there a greater work any of us can do.

There was an anniversary celebration of the founding of the centre and we had been invited to make an offering. It was an evening of magic. Performance by different age groups both in song and music . The children stole our Hearts and we could not have enjoyed more the expression of their Innocence through their art.  Many hundreds of Yogis had gathered from the local collective to take part in the evening programs.

In no time there was much dancing and joy as we all lifted to a new place.

Our procession now took us to a place where we experienced Shri Mataji’s formless nature at work in the world to make the world a better place.

To evolve and transform the world into an expression closer to the Vision Divine of men and women living in harmony expressing pure love and hope for a better world.

Regards Chris,

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  1. David & Trisha Sharp, Tauranga, New Zealand

    Marvellous times….All charged with Her Love. What an auspicious “Tour” With hundreds (maybe thousands) of Sahaja Yogis in heaven together. Yes, all we need is Her love ! You are all enjoying that there now, And enhancing it, adding to it. We can all feel it just watching our little computer screens !
    Again, Her blessing ! Thankyou, Shri Mataji, again and again. With lots of love returned to you all on Tour. Thankyou for keeping us informed- we are with you…..sharing…JAI SHRI MATAJI !!! U.David.

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