Tour in Finland and Norway in August

Invitation: Our beloved sisters and brothers,

All of you are welcome to join the Arctic Sahaja Yoga Tour in Finland and Norway in August. The tour starts in Tampere on 13th August and will continue towards Jyvaskyla and Oulu where we are met by local yogis.

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After we will travel in the Arctic due to the weather forecast (we will only go to the nord cap region if the weather is good and not cold as we sleep in tents). In the north of Norway we most likely to meet local yogis.

The tour finishes around Trondheim – an ancient viking capital (which served vikings over 1000 years).

However, at the end of the tour we will fly to Cabella for Ganesha and Krishna puja. The dates and places may change on the way due to spontaneity of yogis and local people. For example, during the last arctic tour, native people (sami) invited us to stay with them and hold a program in their festival across the border. The return to home country is also possible, for example, with airbaltic that flies to many destinations.

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The tour will be operated by Volkswagen multivan and Lincoln that belonged to H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Herself before. If the number of people grow we may consider taking two more four seaters. Volvo 480es and Pontiac with open roofs. We also have got a trailer for bikes and motor scooter if anyone wants to deliver posters in the cities.

Feel welcome and free to ask more!

saska +358442155669 (sms or call) or [email protected]

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  1. Even the mere mention of the program has filled all of us with such joy. May all the obstacles be removed and we have many more new brothers and sisters joining us in our march towards our spiritual ascent. JSM

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