Singapore – Vietnam Tour 2016 Invitation

You may have  heard about the coming Tour to Singapore and Vietnam in July 2016. Details of the itinerary is shared below for your consideration. Lots of school program are planned so opportunities to give realisation to many young people.  All are welcomed if  there is that desire and interest to join the Tour.

Why Tour  SE Asia ?
From what we have  experienced the Yogis there  are some of the nicest, sweetest, most sincere well -meaning Yogis.  Your involvement with SE Asian can play a significant positive role in helping support the Yogis  as they begin to run their own programs and deepen their experience of  Sahaja Yoga.  The Yogis and collectives   are  amazing innocent, intelligent, clear, committed and totally naturally enthusiastic about  Sahaja Yoga.   You may  also decide to stay on and spend more time visiting these beautiful  Asian countries.

Singapore / Vietnam Tour
1st July: Reach Singapore
2nd July: Program at night
3rd July: Day – time with collective/ sightseeing / Night – program
4th July: Day – leave for Vietnam
4th July: Arrive Vietnam HCMC School program in HCMC at night
5th July: leave for Long An and My Tho province (Mekong Delta) ( 2hours from HCMC)

Program in Mekong Delta 2 provinces
6th July: leave for HCMC and take flight to Da Lat in the evening Reach Da Lat
7th July: Sight-seeing and at night program in Da Lat
8th July: Flight to HCMC Program in HCMC
9th July: flight to Da Nang Program in Da Nang
10th July: leave for Hanoi Program in Hanoi
11th July: School program
12th July: leave for Ha Long bay Program in Ha Long
13th July: leave for Sapa Program in Sapa
14th July: return Hanoi
15th July: Flight back home

Interested? Please contact Chris at [email protected]

Jai Shri Mataji

Sincerely, Chris

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