Announcing the Sahaja Yoga India Tour 2016-2017 – Book Now !!

Announcing the Sahaja Yoga India Tour 2016-2017 – Book Now !!

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear Yogis,

We wish to announce the Sahaja Yoga India Tour 2016-2017 and opening up the invitation to all Yogis.

We  have negotiated a very good fare of $1600 departing Sydney December 23rd to Kuala Lumpur, then Delhi returning from Mumbai January 14th.

The Tour will start with a few days based at the Nirmal Prem Health Centre in Delhi.  The note below and the photos from Swapnil give you a view of the plans underway for the Tour. It is will  be on a large scale travelling through India hosting major public programs along the way.

The projected Ground Fare for the Tour would be around $1200, plus any additional Internal Flights we have to book.

To book your place, take a photo of the ID Page of your Passport and send this to [email protected] .

The fare is only available for a limited time given this is peak season and Malaysian Airlines cannot hold our seats open for too long.  So book now!!

A deposit of around $150 (AUD) will be needed a few weeks’ time after booking, with the balance a month or so later.

This is the work Our Mother always wished us to take up.  To go out to all the places where the seekers are. To do our part following Our Mothers Will. To take up Her work to transform Her world.

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(Photos from previous India Tour)

How many joyous years did we enjoy Touring India with Our Mother.

We Tour still, but in a different form.


India Tour Team

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