Vietnam and Singapore tour during July 2016

We wish to announce the programs for the coming Tour to Vietnam and Singapore. Also to acknowledge all the Yogis in Vietnam, Singapore and Australia collectives for all their hard work in support of all the arrangements.

Everyone is very much looking forward to the first Tour to Singapore. It is very Sahaj to see 40 Yogis from around the world joining the Tour and grasping the opportunity to take up this great work.

Vietnam 200

It is through our personal and collective commitment, dedication, worship, pure vibrations, and the blessings of the Divine where lies our path of furthering Our Mothers work and our spiritual ascent.  Everything is made possible only be pleasing the Divine. All else is Maya.  All the other activities in Sahaja lead us to that point to take us to the Feet of the Shri Mataji, where we should seek the opportunities and the chance of lifetimes to carry on Our Mother’s work.

Vietnam program:

  • Wednesday 6th July: Public Program in Da Lat at Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hotel
  • Friday 8th July: Public Program in Da Nang at Muong Thanh Hotel
  • Sunday 10th July: Public Program in Hanoi at Trong Dong Conversional hall
  • Tuesday 12th July: Public Program in Hanoi at FPT University
  • Friday 15th July: Public Program in Hanoi at FPT University


Let us keep the Tour in our attention and humbly ask Shri Mataji, to bless the Tour for the growth of Sahaja Yoga in Vietnam and Singapore.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Australian Councillors

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