Music of Joy’s South East Asia Tour dates for 2010

Dear brothers and sisters, 

we are pleased to announce the tour dates for the Music of Joy (MOJ) group’s visit of South East Asia. [More  about MOJ]

July 3 & 4: Ho Chi Minh

July 5: Guangzhou
July 6: Shenzhen
July 8: Wuhan
July 10: Chengdu (on the banks of Yantze River)
July 11: Beijing
July 13: Shanghai

July 15: Bangkok

July 17 & 18: Phnom Penh

July 20: Malaysia

July 21: Laos

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Music of Joy!

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  1. Music of Joy fills us with eternal divine love every time we hear it.
    It is so wonderful and touching to see that Mother’s message of Sahaja Yoga is being spread to so many places. This is all Mother’s infinite love and care for her children all around the globe.

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