Announcing the Sahaja Yoga Self Realisation SE Asian Tour 2012

Shri Mataji has always supported and encouraged Her children to go into the world and to spread  Her message. Shri Mataji constantly spoke of the work and need to transform humanity. The real  Sahaj work of changing people. Going to countries and giving seekers their chance of receiving  their self realisation. All people of the world having their chance for their spiritual transformation.  Four years ago, Shri Mataji was very happy to hear news of this work. The Tours to countries such as  Burma, Indonesia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China and the countries of SE Asia, and commented that this work should continue. That we should continue to go beyond our shores and out into the world.  To help other counties and people take a more universal view of helping others.

When watching the news today we see a world at war with itself, division, conflict, human beings in grief and pain.  When watching the vision of people receiving their self realisation we see happy, open, smiling and joyous  faces of people awakened to a new reality of Divinity. Know that in our own small way we are making a positive  difference and contribution to our world. In the spirit of trying to assist in the best way possible and in answer to  the continuing and long standing invitations, we are announcing the Sahaja Yoga Self Realisation Tour during  July to Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

From previous Tours, the efforts of the local Sahaja Yogis in each country is ensuring that Sahaja Yoga is vibrant, growing, and strong.


  • Sat June, 2012 30th 18:30
    Vietnam Saigon Public Program – Army Theatre: (capacity 650 persons)
  • Sun July 1st 18:30
    Vietnam Hanoi Public Program – Melia Hotel (5 star hotel) (capacity 350 persons)


  • Tue July 3rd 19:30
    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Public Program – MBPJ Auditorium
  • Wed July 4th 20:00
    Malaysia Seremban Public Program – Dewan Pavillion, Pusat Keluarga
  • Thu July 5th 19:30
    Malaysia Malacca Public Program – D’Village Resort, Ayer Keroh


  • Sat July 7th 16:00
    Philippines Manilla Public Program – ‘Mall of Asia ‘


  • Wed July 11th 19:30
    Taiwan, Tainan City Public Program – National University of Tainan (NUTN) (cap 438 persons)
  • Thu July 12th 19:30
    Taiwan, Taizhong Public Program – ZTE Concert Hall (capacity 1380 persons)
  • Fri July 13th 19:30
    Taiwan, Taipei Public Program – Chientan Youth Activity CenterStreet (cap 800 persons

We thank the Yogis and the leadership Councils of Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and  Australia for all their work and efforts towards the arrangements needed in support of the Tour.

With Our Mother’s Blessings may She continue to send Her blessings for this great work.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Sincerely and with respect
Sahaja Yoga Self Realisation SE Asian 2012 team.


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  1. R., Venkateswaran, Guwahati, Assam State.

    Jai Shri Mataji !

    We all join you in spirit in spreading Her message of Love.

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