Beijing… feeling of goodwill and peace pervading the concerts.

(News from China Tour – two Beijing concerts, Wednesday Sept 27, 2011)

The audiences of the Nanjing and Beijing programs were mainly associated with the universities in each city which are some of the highest ranked Universities in China. The universities also provided the venues for the concert and we have stayed at university guest houses.

Beijing Concert (250 people)

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Many of the events have been organized through cultural associations such as the philosophical society. The programs are more discreetly promoted through word of mouth and the internet. But it has been very effective as all the venues have been full. The Beijing program was also full with 250 seekers.

Beijing Renmin University (400 people)

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The audiences have been universally receptive and very open to the music and the vibrations. At each of the programs they engage with the music from all the countries which the MOJ group perform, Indian, Australian, Russian and especially appreciative of the Chinese. When the MOJ group begins to perform the local Chinese song that MOJ has learned, the audience break into spontaneous applause throughout the song. It reminds us of the India Tours when Shri Mataji would speak of how much of a positive effect western yogis would have singing bhajans in India and the way this conveys the Universal aspect of Sahaja Yoga. Perhaps the music is conveying the same message, for seldom would westerners be seen performing and singing a Chinese song.

The feeling of goodwill and peace pervading the concerts had prepared the audience for their Self Realisation. In Shanghai and Nanjing, Self Realisation was performed using a more secular style of awakening the kundalini. In Beijing, the full means of giving Self Realisation was presented including images of Shri Mataji and some video presentation followed by silent meditation.

The Beijing yogis presented a program which was very beautiful and auspicious as were all the other  programs. 250 people who had not heard of Sahaja yoga now had their realisation.

After the programs, there is a very sweet time when many of the audience come on stage to meet many of the musicians. There are lots of photos, exchange of emails and experiences shared.

Beijing University is the premier university in China. The head of the Yoga school attended the program and was very impressed and asked Sahaja Yoga to teach meditation to the Yoga students and they would also refer students to our programs.

The preparation for the second Beijing program commenced in the afternoon with a collective Navaratri puja with the local yogis. The atmosphere and protocol of auspiciousness lifted with the vibrations and the collective expression of devotion. The local yogis are an example to us all in giving of their time, money and full commitment.

Sahaja yoga in China in little over 4 years and has grown to nearly 500 yogis. When you consider the average age of yogis in the collective is under 30 years, and in the West it is over 30, it is not hard to see where the future potential for great growth exists. The Renmin program was a full Sahaja program with an introductory Sahaj talk and a video presentation and then a full guided self realisation for the audience.

During the last stage of Self Realisation, the Sahasrara felt open like never before, and the kundalini flowing so strongly. It seemed the Divine was well pleased that 400 Chinese seekers had received their awakening.

The music afterwards was at another level, the audience were lifted to that Sahaj place of bliss and joy. One need not try to understand the moment in words of the seekers or by any form of explanation the truth written large upon their faces was the reality of their experience.

Everyone was dancing , clapping and in that place of Sahaj bliss.

It has been a wonderful start to the Tour.

Sincerely,  Chris (on behalf of the China Tour team)


  1. Jai Shri Mataji,
    It is a great spiritual event. So vibrational and our bandhan for all other programms designed ahead!!!

    Jai Shri Mataji,
    Warm regards and prayers from all the Yogis in Bhutan

    Premsahji, Phuentsholing Bhutan

  2. Adityakumar Varman

    It is truly remarkable that China has accorded such a successful reception to Sahaja Yogis. My cordial greetings to them and to those who traveled to carry this message there.l

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