Cambodia recollections

Phnom Penh city

Last night’s program in Phnom Penh city Cambodia was tremendous for the vibrations and the joy. It was actually the first Sahaja Yoga program ever held in Cambodia. About 35 new people came along. 11 Malaysian sahajis organised the program. Sita introduced Sahaja Yoga and was translated by the brother of the hotel manager. Everyone got up and danced at the end, finishing with Maha Maya Maha Kali.

Today at the follow-up at 10am. 17 came to the follow up (15 + 2 from the hotel staff) including only 1 young lady. They were very enthousiastic and were asking when they would see us again. When we said next year they thought it was too far away… we did say that we will come back next year.

 The Malaysian sahaja yogis will hold another follow up on 24th July…

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I will write more about our trip in Cambodia and send you tomorrow

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