Growing Sahaja Yoga in Indonesia

Our dear Sahaja Yoga brothers and sisters in Indonesia have humbly invited their yogi neighbours in other countries to join them on their Indonesia Sahaja Tour starting on Tuesday 1 May in Jakarta  and ending on the island of Bali on Friday 6 May.

The  tour is focussed on developing the collectivity amongst the Indonesian yogis  themselves, however, there will also be two programs and the celebration of  Sahasrara Puja in Bali.

Yogis going to Shri Buddha Puja in  Penang have the option of staying some extra days in Malaysia and then flying  to Jakarta to join this tour or alternatively, yogis from Australia can join  the tour in Jakarta directly from Australia.

As the international  Shri Buddha Puja activities finish on 29th April, international yogis can  extend their stay at the hotel until the morning of 1 May. The room rate is  MYR200 per night twin share, working out to about MYR100 per person per night.  (There are about 3.25 Malaysian Ringgits to the Australian Dollar so this is  about AUD$30 per person per night).

The Indonesian yogis are  suggesting that international yogis going to Shri Buddha Puja book the  following flights to, and within Indonesia:

  • Tue 1 May – Penang  20.10 to Jakarta 21.30 Air Asia QZ7665  (about US$40 plus taxes/baggage  as of 13 Feb)
  • Thurs 3 May – Jakarta 15.05 to Denpasar 17.05  AirAsia QZ7514 (about US$45 plus taxes/baggage as of 13  Feb)

Costs in Indonesia will be minimal, with total hotel, food  and city transportation amounting to little more than US$33 per  day!

Itinerary is:
1 May – arrive in Jakarta
2 May – Tour  of Jakarta; havan at night
3 May – Fly to Bali in afternoon
4 May – Clearing, footsoaking, havan, sightseeing
5 May – Special Denpasar  Public Program: evening Sahasrara Puja
6 May – Short tour and evening  Public Program

Indonesian yogis, particularly in Jakarta, have  had limited exposure to the international collectivity and those important  formative experiences of the Sahaja world that help to accelerate our  spiritual growth and for which we here in Australia take for granted. The  pockets of Indonesian yogis are not deep and they don’t have the same  opportunities for international travel as we do. It would be great to further  build connections with these seekers, to demonstrate our loving qualities, to  share our life experiences with each other or just bring some vibrations. As  in the Sahaja world, there is no need to speak the language of words, just  share in the language of vibrations.

Yogis from Singapore have  pledged to support this Indonesian tour.

If  you have a desire to share your Sahaja love with our brothers and sisters in  Indonesia, please contact Sameer at [email protected]  <blocked::blocked::mailto:[email protected]>   for further details.

If yogis are not going to Shri Buddha Puja in Penang, Malaysia and want to join the Indonesia Tour from another destination please contact Bagus Santoso [email protected]  or Ayu Santoso [email protected] as  soon as possible to assist with preparations for your  arrival.

For further details of the tour contact Sameer, or Bagus and Ayu directly.

Love from
Western Australia Council


  1. Jai Shri Mataji !!!

    Buddham Saranam Gachhami !!! Dharmam Saranam Gachhami !!!
    Sangam Saranam Gachhami !!!.

    Let us bow down to the Realised Soul !!! Let us bow down to their noble duties !!! Let us bow down to their ‘Collectivity’ !!!

  2. Jai Shri Mataji

    For further information please see this website:

  3. Hello,
    I am living in Bali and I *be happy to join your program in Denpasar.
    Where do you do the Sahasrara Puja and could I join you?
    Terima kasih

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