5,000 receive their Self Realization in Argentina.

5000 people had their Self Realization in Argentina.

In December 2011, 5,000 people participated in “Buenos Aires OM”, a serial of mass meditations and cultural programs guided by the Argentinean Collective in different theatres and parks throughout the city.

Created, promoted and sponsored by the Government of Buenos Aires in conjunction with the Embassy of the Republic of India, Buenos Aires OM is a project  that aims to awake the practice of yoga and spiritual practices that encourage physical, psychological and spiritual benevolence in the inhabitants of the city .

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Over the next four year period, of this project, Sahaja Yoga has been selected by these institutions to instruct and guide, free of charge, those people interested in deepening their spiritual path and improving their quality of life. In different parks and theatres around the city, meditations and Sahaj entertainment will be done to show the culture taught to us by our holy Mother.

The joy of doing our Mother’s work is always great but we feel specially satisfied by the fact that these public agencies and public servants have recognized in Sahaja Yoga a serious, profound and responsible institution who only seeks the welfare of people. They have been distinguished and appreciated the subtlety of this special gift that Mother has given us to share.

In the opening ceremony, after a brief meditation and some bhajans, the Ambassador of India, touched by the music of our brothers, came to say “I Have Been Transported from the Rio de La Plata to the Ganges.” The vibrations were very strong!!

We soon hope to share with you more news produced by the joy of expanding Sahaja Yoga.

Jay Shri Mataji !!!!

The Argentinean Collective

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