Malta program… ‘It all happened very quickly and spontaneously.’

[News from Malta about program held on Jan 16, 2012]

It all happened very quickly and spontaneously…

Around Monday 9th January 2012, I got an e-mail from a lovely couple of yogis from Austria, Kiran and Anand; they are coming to Malta for a short holiday, and among other things, they asked if they could take part in any programs being held. I said, that up until that moment, no programs were being held in the island. Shortly after, a reply from Kiran comes and this time, the question is asked directly: “Can we have a program? My husband has studied Indian music”.

Public program in Malta

In the meantime, other messages are exchanged between me and a Maltese yogi from Australia, who is taking care of the Sahaja Yoga Malta website: “We have around 110 people in Malta who have subscribed to our newsletter, a lot of them just during the holidays… shall we do something about it?”

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Mother wants this to happen
At this point, it is just impossible to say no, the desire of the seekers, and of the yogis, has manifested all at once. The ball is already rolling, Mother wants this to happen, all the pieces are ready, they just need to be connected together like a puzzle. In the next few days, everything just falls into place with such joy and simplicity, it’s just amazing: a meeting room in a hotel is booked (at a discounted price, despite the very late notice); tons and tons of material such as pamphlets, flyers, videos and such are immediately provided by both the awesome Australian collective and the internet in general, ready to be used! Publicity is made online through a simple newsletter, and on other platforms such as Facebook.

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In the meantime, Kiran and Anand arrive safely in Malta for their holiday, and we are able to spend some time together, both collectively enjoying the holiday and sightseeing, and as well squeezing in some leafleting in some of the more populated parts of the island.

On Sunday January 15th, me and my wife Eliza, Kiran and Anand offer a simple Puja at Mother’s feet for the occasion of Makar Sankranti, and to ask for blessings for this program which is to be held in the evening of the next day. Needless to say, the vibrations were tremendous!

The big day comes, I must say I was very nervous, never had to publicly speak to more than 3-4 people at once; and that night, we didn’t know how many people to expect: we did all we could in a very short time.

The vibrations are so fresh. It’s beautiful.
Around 11 people show up, not just Maltese, but from other countries as well: Bulgaria, Spain, Uruguay, Greece, Switzerland… it’s amazing! All seem a bit nervous as well but with a gleam of curiosity in their eyes. It must be said, that at this point, outside, there is pretty bad weather (has been like that pretty much the whole day). These are the people that were not discouraged and came anyway, so big was their desire. We settle down with some chai tea prepared by Kiran, watch a video, and I slowly start explaining things, in the same exact way I saw my beloved uncles and aunties do in Italy; I still feel pretty nervous but no matter, the knowledge is just flowing through me, I just put my attention in the heart, try to make the audience feel and comprehend what we yogis have in our hearts, all of Our Mother’s love. Then, the experience; I guide them through the realization exercise. Towards the end of it, I open my eyes, see all their smiles, the peace in their faces. A couple of them are shedding tears of joy. The vibrations are so fresh. It’s beautiful.

They open their eyes, we show them the simpler techniques for clearing the channels, and we all raise our Kundalini together. Fresh… so so fresh vibrations!

We have a small questions and answers session, but we all simply want to go into meditation again. This time, Anand is singing one of his ragas, while me and Kiran walk up to each of the new people and just help raise their Kundalini: this isn’t necessary however, the music simply sends everyone (including us) in thoughtless awareness.
By the end of it, we all are left speechless, and we simply leave it like that. Everyone expresses the desire to have more of these sessions, some of them even leave some money as a donation and a form of thank you. We all just chat a bit over a last cup of chai, and conclude the evening in this way.

We just need to jump on the train and be a part of the ride.
It was such a great experience, the presence of two more experienced yogis than myself made the event (and the whole week, for that matter) simply perfect. Everything was perfect, nothing was too much or too less. The attention of Our Beloved Mother was and still is with us the whole time. But this is just the beginning. Even though the Austrian yogis have gone back home after their holiday, a lot of work still has to be done; the seekers are desiring their knowledge and their realization. Much is to be done in this crucial year of 2012; or rather, everything has already been done by Mother, we just need to jump on the train and be a part of the ride.

Jai Shri Mataji

With our love,
Michael, Eliza, Kiran and Anand in Malta!


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  1. I am an Indian speaking the language ‘Tamil’. It is said in our language that ‘Chiru Thuli Peru Vellam’, means, collecting small small drops of water becomes the ocean onday. Similarly, throughout the globe, wherever we do the work of our dear Mother, the same gets connectting us with the Power that has created us . Carry On !!!!

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