Hong Kong “… over 1,000 attend program”

(News from China Tour – Fina Tour report and Hong Kong program of Sat Oct 8, 2011)
Dear Yogis,

This is the last report of the China 2011 Tour. These accounts have been related not to promote, nor note any individual’s contribution, but to describe the experiences each one of us can reach undertaking the reality of Shri Mataji’s message to us of the past thirty years.

The logistical imperatives mean it would be a challenge to have more than one bus of traveling Yogis Touring China.

This is not meant to discourage Yogis from seeking the rarefied experiences that can be reached touring countries such as China, but to seek opportunities where they can be found working with National Sahaja leadership Council’s in other countries where Sahaja Yoga can be encouraged, supported,  and promoted.

The tradition of taking Sahaja Yoga public programs to new countries, or helping to establish Sahaja Yoga, is something Shri Mataji taught us for thirty years – to go out into the world, to host programs and to spread Sahaja Yoga far and wide.

There are so many countries where there is such great  potential to carry out Our Mother’s work,  and there are so many well established Yogis in the world, what greater calling could any Yogi answer.

Sahaja Yoga has been founded and is now established strong and pure with great care in China. To have been privileged to be a part of the last sixteen days and nine programs and to encounter Yogis of this level of  purity, humility, and selfless dedication has been a humbling experience for all of us, which has renewed our hope and sense of purpose in the future of  Sahaja Yoga.

In our experiences there is not much that can compare with the Chinese Yogis deep understanding of the importance of Sahaja Yoga, and their commitment and conviction to Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. They are an inspiration to us all and gave us all some of their hope and commitment  for a Sahaj future.

The Hong Kong program was the closing program of the Tour. The Hong Kong Yogis have been,  with selfless dedication working for 20 years to prepare the foundations for Sahaja Yoga in all aspects of the support needed in China. The seeds they have helped to nurture in support of Sahaja Yoga are now flowering into beautiful fragrant spiritual trees bringing the  shade and sweet benevolence of enlightenment to the  new seekers throughout China.

The Hong Kong public program and concert was for the seekers,  and also  an important gesture of support and thanks to the Hong Kong collective for all their efforts.

Shri Mataji has blessed us all with many seekers in Hong Kong,  around 1100 attended the program. The music flowed, Self Realisation was effortless with everyone receiving the awakening of their kundalini and acknowledging the cool breeze above their heads.

We were told that the Hong Kong crowd are usually very reserved and hardly ever clap or participate in  programs. However, very soon they were clapping, and within a short time the hall was bursting with energy, vitality and excitement. As Yogis, it is these experiences that bring us so much happiness and they are the real experiences we strive for.

Yogis and new seekers alike were soon up and dancing in their seats,  filling the aisles, and crowding the front areas before  the stage.

The Hong Kong Yogis could hardly  believe the transformation happening to these normally reserved people of their city.  All  the levels of the  auditorium were filled with newly realised souls dancing and sharing the present moment of thoughtless unbridled joy.

While this  group of Yogis traveling in China are called Music of Joy, these moments gave us all, and filled us all, with more Joy than perhaps we were giving.

Following the program, some of the local Yogis observed that they were surprised by the power of the experience and how uplifted they felt when the program started and everything came together with Yogis in full heart singing Our Mother’s praises, seekers engaged and receiving their  Self Realisation.
Other Yogis  were saying that their hearts were bursting with that special feeling that only Sahaj Yogis are blessed to feel, having performed God’s work to the best of our ability, and enacting Shri Mataji’s Will we can feel deep within our heart  that Our Mother is pleased and the blessings were showering upon us all from Heaven.

As the Tour ended, we all took part in one final celebratory meal (another of the many banquets we enjoyed with the local Yogis). Thanks were offered to Alex and to all our hosts throughout the Tour for all their efforts and work. There are too many Yogis to thank as we were treated as family throughout the Tour but we ever thankful to each and everyone for the love we were shown.

We never felt like we were in a foreign country always in the loving embrace of our  family.

We were fortunate to have  shared the tour with Anand Varma, Shri Mataji’s grandson, who travelled and shared the Sahaj work with us, loading buses, setting up the stage, videoing and helping to get the crowd up on their feet and dancing. He was travelling with us as a Sahaja Yogi, participating greatly to the Tour.

Anand was recounting the experiences he was given when Shri Mataji gave him his Self RTealisation and said that he was now a Sahaja Yogi and the many Sahaja spiritual experiences he was privileged to share  with Shri Mataji.

There are two observations Shri Mataji made which he told us which were inspiring. He recalled that Shri Mataji said that the highest aspiration that a Yogi could achieve is to be totally immersed, identified,  as one, and with no separation from Shri Mataji’s love.

The second, was from  the perspective of the Goddess, Shri Mataji wanted us all as  Her children to be happy, as Our Mother She loves us all,  and wants us all to be happy.

Jai Shri Mataji !

Sincerely,  Chris (on behalf of the China Tour team)


  1. Thank you. It has been such a Joy reading the experiences. At times it was almost too much! The waves of Vibrational blasts during Navaratri, and whilst you were on tour, often had me wondering where? why? something enormous happening somewhere?? … Oh just enjoy!!…
    We are indeed moving into another level of Collective depth.

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