India Tour 2016/17 – Delhi, Two days in Heaven

30th Dec, 2016 to 1st Jan, 2017 – Delhi

Following the Gwalior Programs, the Tour returned for two days to Delhi for a series of programs and events. It would turn out for some to be occasions when we would be privileged with some of the most profound spiritual experiences of our life.

Noida Pratistan – Shri Mataji’s Delhi home
The morning of Dec 30th, our two Tour buses left Nirmal Dham where we were staying to take us to Shri Mataji’s home at Noida where we were being hosted for a time in this Divine residence of Our Mother.

The home was built by Shri Mataji in the early nineties as Her and Sir CP’s family home during their time in Delhi. It is a multi-floor building with different level of apartments from the ground floor up to the fourth floor. Beautiful traditional architecture, decorated throughout with artworks, sculptures, traditional fabrics and Indian carpets. The top floor of Noida Pratistan is Shri Mataji’s apartment where She stayed.  The group was privileged to spend many hours meditating and playing music within the apartment. The Tour group is large close to 80, which filled two of the main rooms. The music played. Yogis were in that special place probably the chance of a lifetime for many to spend time in a place so closely associated with Shri Mataji’s physical incarnation and life on the Earth.

A puja was offered and all the yogis were given the opportunity to take part and to make an offering. As the Puja progressed the mood and attention in the main room deepened and deepened.

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Our personal spiritual ascent and to the spreading Sahaja Yoga
It was a spiritually significant moment and at some level a synchronicity of events and circumstances.  This is largely the group that has now been touring twice a year for seven years visiting almost every country in South East Asia spreading Sahaja Yoga and who had now returned to India for a grand National Sahaja Tour. Our Sahaja aim is both spiritual pilgrimage to Sahaja Yoga Holy sites but importantly as Shri Mataji showed us to focus and to dedicate to the work of our personal spiritual ascent and to the spreading Sahaja Yoga working intimately with the local Indian brothers and sisters. Westerners from many Sahaj nations had, leaving aside their personal commitments at home, to join together for the sole aim of taking up this work.

Cool wind of vibrations
At this moment, all of this seem realized at this place and at this time. During Aarti the spiritual realization seem to go to a deeper level rarely experienced. At this moment and at this place it felt like there was an overlap between the physical dimensions of physical space and time and with the eternal ethereal reality of the heavenly abode. Our Mother’s presence was felt as a reality in that space. The Sahasrara chakra felt spiritually opened like never before. One could feel the kundalini moving like a spiral of cool vibrations around one’s Sahasrara and then joining together with the kundalini of all the Yogis in the room moving around and around like a cool wind of vibrations around the upper reaches of the physical space.  The ceiling seemed for a time to melt away and this movement of the kundalini moving as one with the universe. The grace of Our Mother’s love showering down into the Sahasrara’s of all the Yogis filling everyone’s heart with uplifting joy. All around Yogis faces were illuminated with that special glow of God’s love that is only experienced in Sahaja Yoga. Around the room the experience was felt and shared by everyone.  A profound and timeless mood seemed to descend into the space while we enjoyed a spiritual peak experience many of us will never forget.

A moment of spiritual reality
Following lunch and more time in meditation everyone was excited as we all seemed to be filled with the spiritual ecstasy of the experience. Many were saying it was a moment of spiritual reality which made our normal human conscious experience seem dull and lifeless and something they would keep with them all their lives.

It is hard to capture with words, but at one level it felt Our Mother was pleased and had granted us Her grace, love, vibrations and blessings to inspire and uplift us, but also for us take out into the world to do Her work and share with the seekers of India.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Sincerely, Chris
2016/17 India Tour

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