India Tour 2016/17 – Delhi, Nirmal Prem

30th Dec, 2016 to 1st Jan, 2017 – Delhi

Nirmal Prem Dec 30th
Following our stay at Noida Pratistan, we left for the evening program at Nirmal Prem Heath Centre and Women’s refuge. The work of Uma Gisela is of the highest spiritual calibre spending the last twenty years of her retirement founding and running the women’s refuge, orphanage for young girls and establishing the Nirmal Prem Sahaja Health Centre. Each aspect of the center’s work represents an amazing commitment of love and of selfless service to the community.  For a grandmother to have the energy, commitment and foresight to drive these community service centers to the highest Sahaja standards in execution and operation is a credit to Uma Gisela and to her connection to the Parma Chaitanya which is the daily inspiration for her efforts.

The staff, the careers, and the young angels themselves are living within an enlightened Sahaja community. Living by the principles and values of Sahaja Yoga given by Shri Mataji. It cannot be easy to operate at this level for a grandmother facing the myriad challenges of operation within the systems of India. Yet the faces are all shining. There is joy in the laughter of the children and in the smiling faces of the ladies who have also found a new home here. Some of their faces show a hint of the challenging lives they have led in the past. Yet they also show the light of those who have found a new home and renewed purpose working to God’s plan and doing Shri Mataji’s work.

For your personal growth
For those considering time in a Sahaja Health Centre for personal growth please consider Nirmal Prem Noida. You will not only be spending time with Sahaja doctors and for your personal growth but you will also be supporting this fabulous work and initiative which does so much good in a world that needs great souls like this making a difference.

We all arrived at the centre late afternoon and witnessed a procession carrying Shri Mataji’s photo to the stage where a dedication and Puja was held, garlands offered while the children performed for us all. Music of Joy then took to the stage and a performance of western and Indian bhajans was offered to the Yogis from the local areas. Within a short time, the children and adults were dancing and joining in with the festivities as the cool air of the evening night settled down upon us all.



Thank you speeches were offered from all sides particularly to the HH Shri Mataji National Trust of India for all their efforts and support for the Tour. Dinner followed and we left for our home at Delhi at Nirmal Dham

Nirmal Dham Dec 31st evening program.
For the New Year’s Eve evening program on December 31st, we gathered before Shri Mataji’s shrine with many local Yogis who had also come to see out the year collectively.

Time was spent collectively meditating, listening to Shri Mataji talk and singing bhajans as the time approached mid night the family of Our Mother arrived and everyone was ushered inside the shrine. The musicians were positioned just before the shrine and Yogis encircled the tomb. Beautiful music began to be offered and seemed to reverberate around the halls. The space has a beautiful ascetic, ambience, and acoustic quality. Largely decorated with white marble and pure white walls the space does feel a little like being in Heaven

Beautiful bhajans offered
The Yogis were in deep meditation, beautiful bhajans offered, the mood deepened and one could sense the Nirakara presence of Our Mother with us. Puja was offered many of the key people involved with the Tour both in planning and execution offered a beautiful garland that was weaved like a net and covered all of Shri Mataji’s tomb. Aarti offered and we all sat on the cool white marble in meditation.

There was not the slightest ripple of movement or noise during that time to disturb the deepening mood of personal and collective meditation. The attention was in that special place of oneness in the silent reverie of the Atma and at one with the Parma Chaitanya and the Nirakara form of Our Mother.  It was a timeless moment of spiritual gravity and experience and another spiritually significant time many of us will treasure always.

Sahaja spiritual experiences of this nature make most real the reality of our connection with Shri Mataji and our spirit. They are the experiences that become the bedrock of our faith in ourselves as spiritual beings as they make real the dreams we have to live a life we dream of,  far removed from the mundane world and stationed at Our Mothers feet in heaven.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Sincerely, Chris
2016/17 India Tour


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