India Tour 2016/17 – Chhindwara, The Shrine

Dear Yogis,

This is being written as we are sitting in the beautiful home built for Shri Mataji in the village of Linga a few kilometers away from Chhindwara for the 2008 inauguration of  The Shrine at Chhindwara.

Chhindwara – Birthplace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Meditating in Shri Mataji’s room
Sitar music is playing as a musician observes the daily commitment to his craft. Yogis are meditating in Shri Mataji’s room as the morning light streams in from the windows that run down one side of the room. Shri Mataji and Her family stayed here throughout the 2008 visit and the Yogis were privileged to be allowed to stay in this tranquil silent space for the three nights of our stay here.

Photos: Chhindwara Centre Program

The group left the Yogis of Indore with heavy hearts after two days spent in their loving company. A strong bond had been built up over many years as Yogis from Indore had joined previous tours. Visiting Indore was fulfilling a promise given long ago and the time there was felt as time returned to one of our homes to friends and family. The programs at Indore and Dhar were very well organized, well attended by seekers and displayed the auspicious outcomes achieved when everyone comes together and works as one family for a spiritual outcome. Shri Mataji was always pleased when we Toured India when foreign yogis and local Indian Yogis came together and worked as one with no hint of difference or separation. This has been the consistent theme throughout the Tour but at Indore this was very keenly felt in every arrangement, in every gesture of welcome and with all aspects of our short stay. The format of how the programs are hosted and being run has been evolving throughout the Tour as we find the best way to present Sahaja Yoga to seekers.

The flight from Indore was delayed, and when the group arrived in Nagpur we were hosted to a late dinner and supper with the local Yogis before the two hour bus trip to Chhindwara.  We arrived late to Shri Mataji’s home situated in the beautiful rolling hills of countryside around Linga.

Shrine of Our Mother’s birthplace
The next day, we visited the Shrine of Our Mother’s birthplace where we were to largely spend the next two days. When we arrived, the Yogis had a small welcome procession as we entered the Shrine. Rose petals showered the path. Small welcome aarti performed as we made our way to the Shrine and meditation outside the room where Shri Adi Shakti took Her Incarnation upon the Earth. As a Yogi, to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to the holy sites of Our Mother’s life, is deeply significant spiritually to one’s personal and collective awareness.

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Photos: Chhindwara Shrine – Shri Mataji’s Birthplace

The Tour has visited and stayed at Nirmal Dham, Our Mother’s resting place, visited Noida Pratistan, Our Mother’s home in Delhi, and now this pilgrimage took us to the home place of Our Mother’s birth. To be a few feet from the place of Her birth is humbling and the feeling of deep love and appreciation wells up in the heart as we feel the human of a disciple of Shri Mataji for everything given to us in our life.

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Photos: Nirmal Dham New Years Eve

It was at this place that God choose to came to a world lost in darkness and illusion. It was here that the Divine light first descended and made manifest the salvation of the universe. It was here that Shri Mataji’s children had returned to give thanks, to sing Her praises, to join in fellowship with Yogis from all the world. It was here that we could offer the best praise that it is within our powers to offer. A public program was being arranged a mere few meters from the Shrine. In taking up Shri Mataji’s legacy is one of the best ways we honour and proclaim the Glory of Shri Adi Shakti for all the world to hear.

A procession of Yogis
In this great tradition and spirit, a procession of Yogis was held through the streets of Chhindwara. A horse drawn cart with Shri Mataji’s photo, beautifully decorated was drawn through the streets of Chhindwara. Yogis foreign and local were dancing and proclaiming Shri Mataji’s name as a band of drummers led the way. Foreigners dressed in Kurta and Sari, dancing and singing before a horse drawn image of Shri Mataji is not something the locals were used to by the stunned faces that came out from the shops to witness. We handed out leaflets and invited everyone to attend the program in the centre of the village.  This Tour has throughout harkened back to the great Tours of youth, traveling through India not as Tourist but as Sahaj pilgrimage, hosting Public Programs, Pujas, offering praise and in the grand public processions declaring to all the Advent of Shri Mataji.

Photos: Chhindwara Procession

Between 5000 to 6000 attended
Later that evening, the Public Program was held, numbers of this scale are hard to judge. Between 5000 to 6000 attended which was amazing as. Chhindwara is not one of the larger cities of India. Many local VIPs and politicians attended, media attended and for a first, a drone flew overhead dropping rose petals on the crowd. The program flowed effortless, we seemed to find the great balance between music and introduction and instruction in Sahaja Yoga. It was a fabulous program, deep at every level. Enormous response from the public, dedicated support from the local Yogis, praise offered to Our Mother, Sahaja Yoga, and Self Realization en-masse, this is the core reason we have all come for many reason, but to be here, present at such auspicious public program is deeply felt by us all.

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Photos: Chhindwara Public Program

After the program, we returned to the Shrine for one last collective meditation in Shri Mataji’s home, a celebratory meal was shared and the very sweet thank you speeches shared with the local coordinators. It is the manifestation of the coming together of Yogis from all foreign lands working together for Our Mother’s Glory that is the dream we are living daily here on India Tour.

Sincerely, Chris
2016/17 India Tour




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  1. David & Trisha Sharp

    David & Trisha Sharp here in New Zealand watched in awe…the great Celebrations & that vast Public Program at Nirmal Dham & Chindawara….The vibrations were just tremendous ! It really took us back to those amazing Tours with Our Dearest Mother (almost life-times ago !) Weren’t they so special…..Thankyou Dearest Mother…..& thankyou Chris & everyone for your love , & being “there” for all of us. With greatest love, From David & Trisha, & all of us in New Zealand. JAI SHRI MATAJI !!!

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