India Tour 2016/17 – Pratishthan Pune.

7th January, 2017 – Chhindwara to Pune

Seeing the wilds of the natural forests of India
Following the Chhindwara program, the next day we left the birthplace of Shri Mataji for the journey to Pune. One group left very early in the morning to visit a forest sanctuary in the mountains to the west of Chhindwara. The lure of possibly seeing tigers in the wild was too much of a pull and one bus load of Yogis left at 3am for the journey into the national park in the mountains to the west of Chhindwara for the forest safari. The second bus was to leave later to meet them at a half way station point for lunch at a resort. The more adventurous Yogis bordered their four-wheel drives and were taken on a drive through the wilds of the natural forests of India. The morning sunlight of the rising sun illuminated the early morning mists draping the trees with pink light. The tigers proved a little shy that day, but a pleasant time in the deep forests and nature was shared enjoying the animals in the wild and the beautiful natural mountain woodlands. Lunch was enjoyed collectively at the resort. Fine food and rest on lush green lawns under shaded trees.

Chhindwara – Birthplace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

We then left the national park and headed to Nagpur, which was the beginning of one those adventurous days India Tours have become renowned for. A two hour trip from Chhindwara to Nagpur become a 10 hour safari through the hills and dales of the wild lands of upper Maharashtra as our bus driver got thoroughly lost in the back roads of the hill trying to work out how get his 50 seat bus off the mountain and back to the highway. There were lots of bumping up and down as our bus was careering down small rough back lanes in the hill. The smart phone came to the rescue as the ubiquitous Google maps located us in the wilderness and we able to plot a course back to civilization.  Some were asking. “Why” there is no answer to that question to be in India on Tour means to be in the moment and take with a smile and surrender all that comes out way. Perhaps we were meant to travel through the countryside and put our attention on the rolling countryside outside our bus window.

The famous music academy
Some of the group were able to meet up with the Yogis of Nagpur at the famous music academy founded and lead by Baba Mama reminiscing about the glorious days a musical ashram and academy was led and inspired by this great soul and icon of Sahaja Yoga and elevating the expression of music in Sahaja Yoga. The desire expressed that may those days return and the academy be re-established at this beautiful place and the legacy reborn.

Pune Pratishthan
The group loaded, boarded and on our way catching our last fight of the Tour from Nagpur to Pune. We arrived, loaded our buses and drive to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Pratishthan. As we entered the grounds, fireworks light up the midnight sky, a percussion band filled the cool night air with the beat of their drums. As we walked into Our Mother’s home through the beautiful ancient carved red sandstone Rajasthan screens and ornate archways, Sahaja Yogis offered welcome aarti and garlands. As Yogis from a foreign land, the welcome we have received throughout India and here at Pratishthan is the epitome of a deep and ancient culture something in the West we have lost. The welcome and honour given to a guest arriving at our home as if in some way, we are welcoming and acknowledge some divine aspect into our homes. The experience is humbling to receive such hospitality and welcome, to be made to feel in every respect that we come back to our homes after a long time away.

There was open full heart and love
This was to the constant river of love which carried us for all our time staying in Pratishthan at every moment, in every respect, in every gesture there was open full heart and love. In our hearts, it felt like we were in heaven and a royal court, sitting on cool pink marble within God’s divine courtyard, celestial music was being played by the Yogis, sun and light streaming in from all side, wind stirring the branches of the overhanging trees. Yogis from China, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Greece and Australia joined as one with the Yuva Shakti and Yogis of India. It is the real and true inner truth of collectivity lived as a daily experience filling us with the greater and deeper sense of what it is to be a Sahaja Yogi, for it is a different life from anything else possible on the Earth. It is to be part of something much greater than ourselves, much deeper, purer and spiritual. It is to be a Sahaja Yogi every day, all the time.

We are mid Tour and after a long road of traveling and programs to spend a few days resting in the palace of the Almighty is a privilege many of us are at a loss to understand why we have been so fortunate and blessed.  Some make the trek off the hillside where Pratishthan has been built overlooking the Pune plains down into Lakshmi road. Many stay and spend their time in quite meditation and personal reflection making the most of their opportunity to live for a time in space and place created by the hands of God.

Our second evening was spent in the main Puja hall of Pratishthan, there was a very auspicious gift giving ceremony, men were given kurtas, the ladies saris then followed a beautiful musical program hosted by the Pune Yuva Shakti in the courtyard outside the meditation hill ringed in a colonnade of red carved sandstone.

In the evening cool, the music moving humbly and inspiring which was the followed by a collective havan with prayers and offerings made in the house of God surely fly straight to Heaven.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Sincerely, Chris
2016/17 India Tour



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