India Tour 2016/17 – Pratishthan stay, Pune collective meeting and Public Program

8th January, 2017 – Pratishthan stay, Pune collective meeting and Public Program

The Heavenly realm and the Earth
It seems there maybe places on the Earth, that touch points where there is a joining and an overlap between the Heavenly realm and the Earth. By Shri Mataji’s grace, this Tour has also been a pilgrimage to these Sahaja spiritual holy sites. Nirmal Dham, Noida Pratishthan, The Shrine at Chhindwara and now here at Pratishthan.

The Goddess providing tranquil quiet places
There a deep moving quiet serenity which fills this Holy site. The location, high above Pune, means cool breezes move round the deep verandahs which surround this palace and fill Her courtyards. Neem, frangipani, pine and many trees from around India are situated around the building providing shade and beauty. Lush green lawns and gardens are carefully maintained and surround the home of the Goddess providing tranquil quiet places where Yogis can sit in meditation. Walking around the grounds, the air is filled with music as yogis make their own personal offering, some write, others lie on the green grass. All are in their own way making the most of the four day mid-Tour sojourn away from all care, concerns and trials.


Pratishthan – Shri Mataji’s residence in Pune

We were privileged to be taken for a Tour of the aspect of the home which has been setup as a museum to Shri Mataji. Beautiful artifacts that represent the best expression of arts, crafts and elevated expressions of cultures from around the world which were then offered to Shri Mataji as Puja gifts were are displayed for all to enjoy. As part of the Tour, we were allowed to spend some time in meditation in Shri Mataji’s peacock Bedroom where She shared with Sir CP and stayed for so many years. An occasion of deep nivichara where thoughtless awareness fills the consciousness and the soul is at peace.


Shri Ganesha statue especially commissioned by Australia to house the small clay Shri Ganesha statue Shri Mataji made while in Australia in early 1980’s.

News is the National Trust of India plan to open Pratishthan for Yogis to come and stay in the ground floor apartments we have been staying. It is a unique opportunity many Yogis should consider to be able and spend time staying in Shri Mataji’s home at Pratishthan.

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Saturday night Pune collective program
The weekly Saturday night Pune program was hosted on the lawns before Pratishthan. The music group is popular in many parts of India and a large attendance was anticipated.

Close to 2000 Yogis came to take part. The musicians took to the stage, following collective meditation, the music began. Many of the old bhajans were played which were offered at programs during the old Tours. The appreciation was at the maximum level, soon the Yogis were dancing, singing and shouting in the moment of Joy.

Pune Yuvas dancing up a storm
It was one of those nights when all the audience are just giving love and love to the musicians and they are giving and giving back more love, and everything builds and builds.  The front section, was ground taken by the Pune Yuvas dancing up a storm, arms raised to the evening skies, singing with full voice, boys grasping hands spinning in circles. One side the boys, the other the ladies, the audience full of beaming smiles, what a night in Pune. We were told the cassettes were widely listened to throughout Pune so there was a much anticipated performance, it seemed that the reality was something appreciated.

“Music of Immense Joy”
During the Felicitation speeches, Uncle Dinesh renamed the group “Music of Immense Joy” and said we must come every year to India to Tour different parts of India and bring all of the collective, what an elevated vision.

Pune Public Program

6,000 t0 7,000 seekers attended the Pune Public Program



Pune Public Program

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Jai Shri Mataji!

Sincerely, Chris
2016/17 India Tour



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