India Tour 2018: From Tamil Nadu to Bengalaru – taking us to that place of Bliss.

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please enjoy the latest letter from the Yogis on India Tour:

Something very special about these people

On Monday 17th December we flew into Madurai, one of the major cities in the State of Tamil Nadu. We then left early morning by bus for Pondicherry. Our concert was at the Manakula Vinayaka Institute of Technology and Medical College. The principal had been approached by the Sahaja Yogis of Pondicherry requesting that a program be held within the school. He had agreed as he felt “there was something very special about these people, they were not like others”.

We stayed overnight at the college and we were lovingly cared for by the local collective. Our Nabhis were very satisfied by the beautiful meals prepared.

About 300 students received their Self Realisation at this program. Jai Shri Mataji!

Children’s faces were beaming and full of joy

Our next stop was the Mahindra World School. The school is a non- profit K-12 residential school located within the Marinda World City Community Chengalpattu. All years 9-12 students attended with their teachers. The students were very respectful and participated in the dancing of Inanay and Haida. The Realisation was deep and silent and the children’s faces were beaming and full of joy by the end. At the end, the teachers came up and thanked us and  for bringing spirituality and silence to the school.

Mahindra World School in Chennai program

That night we all stayed at a local yogi’s house and again we were welcomed with open hearts and a warm, delicious meal.

The next morning, we had a very deep Shri Ganesha Puja with the local collective. We listened to Shri Rajeshwari Shri Ganesha Puja talk from Chennai in 1991 where Shri Mataji speaks about the importance of awakening Shri Ganesha’s quality of humility within us. Together, we washed Shri Mataji’s Feet, offered flowers and performed a Mahalakshmi Puja. At the end we prayed for the full awakening of Shri Ganesha’s powers in the Tamil Nadu area.

Chennai program – where Shri Kartikeya is worshipped

That evening we had a program at Sir Pitty Thiagaraya Hall in Chennai.  Lyn, Andre and Colin were interviewed by one of the journalists from The Hindu newspaper. Once again, we played to a full hall of about 700. Later the local collective announced that about 250 new seekers received their Realisation.

Sir Pitty Thiagaraya Hall in Chennai

The concert was opened with the three great mantras followed by Omkara Pradhana, Raining on the Rock and Shri Kartikeya. We were specifically asked to sing Shri Kartikeya because of the negativity in the area. Later we found out that Shri Kartikeya is worshipped in this region.

Carnatic singer – the vocals were sublime

After Music of Joy there was a performance by a Sahaja Yogi Carnatic singer from Bahrain. Carnatic music is a style of music associated with Southern India. The vocals were sublime, with the singer working her way through the Nadis to take us all into deep silence.

Carnatic singer – the vocals were sublime

The next morning, we meditated together again before it was time to say our goodbyes to our Chennai family.

We were presented with a card that had a beautiful quote by Shri Mataji:
“Indian music is understood by westerners at the spiritual level not intellectually. Never before have western people enjoyed music in this manner as you have enjoyed. Indian music will unite the whole world one day. If we keep to the pure knowledge of Indian music, we have to have music because music is so wonderful. We have to please the deities and when there is music and songs then the deities respond and the vibrations from The Mother are much more.”

(Card gift from Chennai family)

Bengalaru program – desire was to fill it with new seekers

Our next stop was Bengalaru (Bangalore). We arrived at the ashram late one evening to an ocean of love. The collective was there to greet us with fireworks, Aarti and Prasad and a delicious meal. The Bengalaru collective is a large dynamic collective of around 500 who have spent months preparing for the Music of Joy program. They have advertised extensively through social media, newspapers leafleting, and radio. They had booked the Jnana Jothi Auditorium, a 1000 seat venue and their desire was to fill it with new seekers.

When we arrived at the venue there were many local yogis there already decorating the entrance with rangoli and the stage with flowers. By 6pm start, the hall was already three quarters full and seekers continued to come until almost every seat was taken. The collective had prepared a beautiful video backdrop for the concert with photos of Shri Mataji and many images of Uluru. The concert opened with the three great mantras followed by Jay Jay Bolo, Inanay and Raining on the Rock. After the Realisation there was a flute raga to take us into a deeper meditation. When the audience were asked if  this was their first time at a Sahaj event, more than half put up their hands.

Bengalaru program

Before the program, the local collective had challenged us to get the audience up and dancing; they mentioned the locals were very shy and it was unlikely that they would dance especially the ladies. Once the Qawalis started they were up immediately and once more we were all dancing as one with open joyful hearts.

Bengalaru program

Taking us to that place of Bliss

Thank you, Shri Mataji, for an another moment we will never forget, another moment where we felt Your love surrounding us all and taking us to that place of Bliss.

With love,
The Yogis on India Tour

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