India Tour 2018: Noida Pratishthan and touching the Virata

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please enjoy the latest letter from India Tour about the Tour’s visit to Shri Mataji’s home – Noida Pratishthan.

Once we came down from the Himalayas and through the foothills of Himachal Pradesh and crossed what seemed are the limitless fertile plains of the Punjab, we arrived late into the early morning at Nirmal Dham. This would be our home for the next few days, as we would be staying in Delhi and helping to host a series of public programs in the Noida and Delhi areas.

Shri Mataji’s home – Noida Pratishthan

The next day, was something we had all been looking forward to for some time as the Tour planning was underway. To be allowed to spend some time as guests at Noida Pratishthan, one of Shri Mataji’s homes in India – a residence Shri Mataji shared with Sir CP and the family for many happy years. The home has been well maintained and very much well remembered due to the many times over an extended period we had the occasion to visit Shri Mataji at Noida. 
We were then ushered into the top floor of the home where Shri Mataji’s rooms were present. The Yogis settled and began to offer Puja and songs and words of praise to Our Divine Mother together with the auspicious offerings.

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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s home – Noida Pratishthan

Heaven touches the Earth

There is a feeling when you come into a spiritual space such as this where it seems Heaven touches the Earth. A place that is both sacred and holy. We find deep within that we are one with the Divine Love of Our Mother. That we are under Her care and protection and that Shri Mataji can see us, She can hear us and can know us and loves us through and through.

Shri Mataji’s calls us from where we have been and to come and do Her work. And when we love each other and do Her work, is when we are taken nearer and nearer to Our Mother.

Sweet nectar of Shri Mataji’s love

This experience cannot be explained in words, that sweet nectar of Shri Mataji’s love. We open up our hands and Shri Mataji fills them again and again with Param Chaitanya – making us anew.

Shri Mataji is the sun, and the moon, and the universe of stars and we are sitting in the heart of the Universe, within Her house.  We offered Our Mother our reverence and love.

Connected to the Virata

With all our heart, we bowed down before the One Almighty God. We are overcome by the beauty of this perfect love, felt showering down upon us all, giving us a sense of what it is like to connected to the Virata.

With love,
The Yogis on India Tour

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