2018 India Tour: Reflections of Nirmal Dham, Noida Home, Delhi Programs & Nirmal Prem Ashram

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!
Please enjoy the latest letter from the Yogis on India Tour:

She greeted Her children with loving, restorative vibrations.

After a 5-hour drive from Ambala we arrived tired and cold to Nirmal Dham at 3:30am. Many of us made our way directly to the Samadhi place to be with our Divine Mother. She greeted Her children with loving, restorative vibrations.

(Nirmala Dharm)

A warm welcome by Shri Mataji’s family

The next day, after only a couple hours asleep we woke completely revived and ready to visit Shri Mataji’s Noida Home. We were warmly welcomed by members of Shri Mataji’s family who had opened and prepared the house for us. After tea we went upstairs to Shri Mataji’s lounge room where Music of Joy began to play. We then did Puja to HH Shri Mataji followed by more bhajans. The experience was truly beyond words and human understanding but will remain in our hearts forever. We then went downstairs and shared a beautiful and thoroughly delicious meal with all the Sahaja Yogis present.

After lunch we gathered as one family and sung happy birthday to Akula and Lily. Sadhana Didi and her husband Rommel then spoke to us about the beauty of Rommel’s village in Bihar and how we should visit, the environmental problems of Delhi and India generally, and the importance of looking after Mother Earth. Rommel spoke directly to the Yuvas and said they have a responsibility to find ways to reverse the damage that had been caused to the environment for the good of future generations.

(At Shri Mataji’s Noida Home)

We then made our way back to Nirmal Dham just in time for the evening program and Aarti.

“Shri Mataji, we thank you again and again for this truly divine day. Please make us worthy of the love and blessings you bestowed on us.”

Delhi program – All children of the one Mother

The next day was the Delhi program, held in the open under a rare cloudless blue Delhi sky in the central market in Pischam Vihar. Crowds gathered early before we had arrived, and people came out of surrounding shops to see us. Once more we were taken up in a swirl of vibrations as music played and many many more people received their Self Realisation. Again, we danced as one, all superficial differences forgotten, all children of the one Mother, a Mother for all.

(Delhi Public Program)

At the end of the program, gifts were exchanged, photos taken, connections made. Once more, we personally handed out invitations to Australia. The audience accepted them with gentle smiles, open hands and hearts.

Delhi Ashram in Qutab

A perfect day was completed with a visit to the local Delhi centre in Delhi Ashram in Qutab, a beautiful multi-story temple where HH Shri Mataji has spent much time. The temple is lined with the crowns of the Goddess, each one more ornate and beautiful than the one before.

After the program, Andre addressed the collective, thanking them for maintaining the vibrations, beauty and protocols of this very important temple. We then gave the Collective a banner of Shri Mataji, some Aboriginal clapping sticks and invitations to Australia.

(Delhi Ashram in Qutab) 

Performance at Sharda University

On Sunday the 16th of December we were graced with another opportunity to share Shri Mataji’s message of truth through being invited to perform at Sharda University’s Foundation Day. The audience was made up of about 300 academics across all faculties receiving their realisation.

(Sharda University program in Delhi)

Nirmal Prem Ashram

After the University program we made our way to Nirmal Prem Ashram where we were welcomed by Auntie Gisele who oversees the orphanage and other staff members. The girls offered us prasad and showered us all with petals.

After lunch it was time for the performance. The girls invited Shri Mataji to the concert with a soaring angelic rendition of Swagatam. We performed Aarti and offered flowers to Shri Mataji before MOJ opened the concert with the Three Great Mantras followed by Apane Pana. Some Christmas songs were sung including Silent Night, Yesu Maria and Come all Ye Angels.

During the Qawalis, Mukhi Ram joined the stage and brought the heavens to earth.

There are times when words cannot convey the experience; sometimes words lessen the experience. This was one of those times. The beauty of this time was overwhelming and touched the soul deeply.

Video of public program at Nirmal Prem Ashram

Before leaving Auntie Gisela took us on a tour to Shri Mataji’s bedroom where we had a beautiful meditation and gave a bandhan for all the people of the world to get their realisation and be united as one. We also saw some of Shri Mataji’s exquisite furniture and the ornate meditation rooms. Everywhere we went we felt the different aspects of Shri Mataji, Shri Durga in the meditation room and Shri Adi Shakti in the bedroom.

(Nirmal Prem Ashram and Public Program)

Thank you Shri Mataji for all your blessings.

The next day it was time to leave Nirmal Dham. We gathered at The Shrine, offered two garlands and once more prayed to Shri Mataji for the Realisation of the whole world. We also prayed for the removal of all obstacles to our use of Burwood Ashram as a collective place of Worship.
Jai Shri Mataji!

With Love,
The Yogis on the 2018 India Tour

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