2018 India Tour: From the Himalayas to the Plains

Reflections of ISPS, Pathankot & Jalandhar

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!
Please enjoy this letter from the Yogis on India Tour:

Shri Mataji’s presence is always felt especially here at ISPS

As Yogis we long for the river that’s moving to the flow of Our Mother’s love to carry us beyond the cares of life. The water of life, we are led to the water, the sweet waters. The water of life. We long for that river to lift us up to feel Shri Mataji’s strength to carry us home. To feel Shri Mataji’s love overtake us all.

From the mountain to the valley, from the desert to the raging sea and in the silence of the Himalayas, Shri Mataji’s presence is always felt especially here at ISPS.

(International Sahaja Public School)

We come, so the Paramchaitanya may lead us on according to Our Mother’s Will to do Her work. India Tour follows in the same pattern and flow as Shri Mataji started with us all so many years ago where the space within is filled with Her grace and Blessings. Every time Shri Mataji brings us to India, She shows us more and more.

As we travel through India doing Our Mother’s work, we feel Her presence by our side, the one and the only one guiding us, leading us on every step of the way. Shri Mataji brought us the freedom which set us free. As our souls are stilled, Shri Mataji’s love rushes in, nothing stays the same as Shri Mataji changes everything.

When Our Mother speaks, She bring us out of darkness and we are brought into the light.

ISPS, a place woven deep into the fabric of Sahaja Yoga

The Tour started at ISPS, a place woven deep into the fabric of Sahaja Yoga at the gates of heaven where Shri Mataji made a safe place, calling all Her children to Her celestial garden. This place in the mountains surrounded by splendour and majesty with strength and beauty that is both ancient and holy.
The culture of ISPS and its heritage are implicitly held deeply in the lives of our children who grew up in Shri Mataji’s school placed within Her Sahasrara.
As we walk around the School surrounded by the Himalayas, we believe in the vision and hopes with which Shri Mataji founded Her school to set Her children free of the influences of the West and to live and grow within Sahaja culture.

(ISPS Public Program)

ISPS public program, high in the Himalayas

We are singing, singing the holy names of Our Mother, who can compare to the glory and the beauty of Our Mother, from Our Hearts, we worship Our Mother and call the seekers who live and work around Our Mother’s school to Her feet. As Yogis, we sing that sweet, sweet melody singing of a new spiritual life, of love and peace.

We hope the seekers are listening so that their souls just begin to soar.

In Shri Mataji’s Nirananda presence, Self Realization was bestowed, and peace awakened that passes any understanding. A love that conquers all, a joy unending, eternal peace.

High in the Himalayas, as we host our program, we feel Shri Mataji’s presence there with us by our side, enjoying and filling the seekers with the Joy of the Spirit. Speaking to the silence of their heart. When it comes to Shri Mataji’s presence, we need to learn to listen and to just rest in Her nearness.

Pathankot – the pubic program was a huge success

We left ISPS and made our way down to Pathankot and stayed at the Blossom Time School where Shri Mataji had stayed and hosted a Puja in 1985. Shri Mataji’s bedroom is a very special place full of Grace and Her loving presence. The Yogis were hosted on the school rooms around the central courtyard. The local collective were examples of gracious hosts looking after our every need and care. Unseasonal rain had set in which meant the public program had to be shifted from the grounds of the local Shri Rama Temple to inside the temple itself.  The local authorities negotiated with the Temple custodians which was a most magnanimous gesture of their part.

The pubic program was a huge success, surrounded by huge marble statues of Shri Rama and Shri Sita, hundreds of local seekers attended and were soon standing up and dancing in joy.

We returned to our little school and enjoyed our evening meal and collectivity, sitting around a large campfire late into the night.

(Pathankot Public Program)

Jalandhar – music, dancing, Self Realisation and joy unlimited

Next morning back onto our buses for the day trip to Jalandhar. We were greeted by most of the collective who assembled outside the marriage hall which served as both venue for the program and our sleeping quarters in the basement. Separation curtains, mattresses on the floor and arrangements so much in keeping with our experiences of past India Tours, where we are bathing in the comfort of the Spirit. Another large program with many hundreds of seekers attending. Music, dancing, Self Realisation and joy unlimited.

(Newspaper article of Jalandhar public program)

This is the Touring life we love so much, in the flow of our Mother’s Love.

With Love,
Chris and the Yogis on the 2018 India Tour

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