Self Realisation Music of Joy Tour of India: 8th to 30th December, 2018

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

By HH Shri Mataji’s Divine Grace, we are delighted to announce that our Indian Family have invited us to their sacred shores to spread Sahaja Yoga together!

A Self Realisation Music Of Joy Tour has been confirmed for 8th – 30th December 2018.

Tour program

The Tour will land in Delhi and head to the International Sahaja Public School in Dharamsala to start the 3 week tour!

We will hold programs throughout the north of India for one week, then spend a few days in Nirmal Dham, Delhi. The tour will then head to Southern India for one week, travelling to Chennai and Bangalore. The 3rd week will be spent in Maharastra, concluding at the Divine Capital of the Universe, Pradisthan, Pune and flying out from Mumbai on 30th December.

This Tour offers a wonderful opportunity to spend three weeks with so many of our brothers and sisters from many Collectives within our wonderful Indian Sahaja Family and spread Sahaja Yoga together. Like the Tour of 2016, the Tour will mix public programs with pilgrimages to sacred Sahaja places.

Everyone is invited

We are hoping that lots of Yogis from around Australia and the World of all ages will join the Tour!!

We are now looking at a group booking and will have the details shortly.

Want to join the Tour?

If you would like to attend the Tour please email us at [email protected] as soon as practicable.

Lyn & Andre (Australian Councillors) on behalf of the India Tour 2018 Team

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