2018 India Tour: Reflections of Jalindhar, Chandigarh & Ambala

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!
Please enjoy the latest letter from the Yogis on India Tour:

Jalindhar – program filled to capacity

After Pathankot we travelled by bus to Jalindhar about 3 hours away. Once more we were given a warm welcome by the collective. The program that night had a hall filled to capacity. The self-realisation was given by Shri Mataji and this was followed by Om Gam Ganapataye. The meditation was pure deep silence. Dancing continued for hours and included the local collective playing dholak so that we could all dance together for The Goddess. The next morning we meditated together. It felt that Shri Mataji was pleased that such strong connections are being made between collectives so far apart.

(Jalindhar public program)

Chandigarh program – strong vibrations and overwhelming joy

The next stop was Chandigarh where we were greeted with Aarti and the sweet singing of Jay Jay Bolo.

The program that evening was held at Tagore theatre, the largest theatre in Chandigarh. The program was attended by the Mayor and members of the State Bank of India. The General Manager of SBI talked about the strong connection between the Bank and Sahaja Yoga with their commitment to high ethical standards.  He said how much he and his Bank employees enjoy the Sahaja Yoga classes run by the Chandigarh yogis in many SBI Bank branches.  Around 500 new people came to the program and judging by all the hands in the air more than half felt their Realisation. During the program John invited the Chandigarh collective to come on stage and sing Jay Jay Bolo with MOJ. Again, we were blessed with deep meditations, strong vibrations and overwhelming joy.

(Chandigarh Newspaper – Today’s Tribune lifestyle)

The next morning, we sat together and listened to a beautiful talk by Shri Mataji about the importance of the connection between the brain and the heart.

After morning meditation, we prayed to Shri Mataji for the removal of all obstacles at all levels to the complete success of the tour and the complete enlightenment of Mother India. We sincerely thank the Chandigarh collective for the love and attention they showered on us all.

(Chandigarh public program)

Ambala program – opening our hearts

The next morning, we travelled to Ambala about an hour’s drive from Chandigarh. The collective greeted us with Aarti and prasad at the entrance of a colourful pendal. We immediately settled into meditation and listened to a talk by Shri Mataji about the importance of India Tour.

After resting and sharing a meal, we travelled to the location of the evening’s program, The Planetarium. We stood to welcome Shri Mataji to the program and strong vibrations flowed. the MOJ group offered Her flowers and the lamp was lit. AI Giri Nandini was sung to the Goddess to begin. Throughout the program vibrations deepened, opening our hearts. About 500 people received their Realisation with 800 people in total attending the program. The program finished with joyful dancing, exchanging of gifts and an invitation to visit Australia for Easter Seminar, The Realisation Tours and MahaGansha Puja. We pray that the Ambala collective is able to join us for these events.

(Ambala public program)

We will send more news and photos soon!

With Love,
the Yogis on the 2018 India Tour

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