2018 India Tour: ISPS & Pathankot

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!
Please enjoy the latest news, video and photos from the 2018 India Tour:

Preparing for the Tour ahead

The 2018 India Tour began at the International Sahaja Public School (ISPS) in Dharamshala, taking us all instantly to Sahasrara. Shri Mataji visited the school in 1985, and morning meditation was held in the cottage where She stayed. The vibrations were strong and soothing, and it felt like She was preparing us for the tour ahead.

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s Room at ISPS

Christmas Puja was held on Sunday and it was pure joy to be present with the children, families and staff, to worship Shri Mataji in Her form of Shri Jesus Mary.

ISPS – the first public program

That evening, the first public program of the tour was held at ISPS with about 50 new seekers present. Families and staff of the school were also in the audience. Sadhana Didi was present and spontaneously offered to do the Hindi translation, including the Self Realisation. Vibrations were strong and continued to build. The concert ended with joyful dancing to Quawali music lead by Lyndon.

Pathankot “the land of innocence.”

Our next public program was held in Pathankot. We stayed at a place where Shri Mataji had visited in 1985 and we walked the same path She had walked then. Pathankot is a small collective of about 20 yogis but yogis had travelled from Ludiana and Mumbai to greet us. As we arrived a gentle, cleansing rain fell. That evening the rain continued but did not keep away the seekers from the program. About 400 were in the audience. Again joy and love filled everyone’s hearts and new connections were made. The next morning we had a Shri Ganesha Puja in the room Shri Mataji stayed when she visited Afterwards, one of the local yogis mentioned that Shri Mataji had called Pathankot “the land of innocence.”

Video of Music Of Joy at Pathankot Public Program

Invitation to Australia’s 2019 Events

After breakfast we said our goodbyes to our Pathankot family after making a donation to the collective for Sahaj projects and inviting them to Easter Seminar, Meditate Australia Tours and Shri MahaGanesha Puja. We also left them with two banners of Shri Mataji and some Aboriginal clapping sticks from the Uluru area.
With Love,
2018 India Tour Yogis

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