European Tour 2017 – An idea that grew into a rolling procession of love, joy and bliss.

Report about the MOJ European Tour.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Bravo and Well Done to all those who participated in the Music of Joy European Tour 2017!!

What started out as an idea, grew into a dream, and then became a rolling procession of love, joy and bliss through your vision.

The Music of Joy Tour of Europe presented us all with a great opportunity and privilege to be able to participate in a milestone Sahaja Yoga tour, that aspires to advance Sahaja Yoga through music and bringing together yogis from Europe and Australia. For the Yogis on this tour, it was a pilgrimage that started at Our Divine Mother’s home in Europe, celebrating Shri Krishna and Shri Ganesha Pujas in Cabella, and took us to Greece, Romania, Hungary, Spain and France where we shared the joy of Our Mother’s Love with you all our brothers and sisters, as one family and as the children of Shri Mataji.

Together united as one collectives.

The primary purpose of the tour, is to do the ‘Work’ of Sahaja Yoga, to give self realization to those seekers who are seeking Truth in a world that is slowly spinning out of control.

The tour brought us all together, Australian and European Yogis. Together united as one collectives. One family. Sahaja Yoga takes another step towards solidarity, and unified sense of elevated spiritual purpose.

For Shri Mataji’s wishes to be fulfilled, the Sahaja Yogis of the world must be united in vibrations and in purpose, the Music of Joy European Tour 2017 was a step in that direction.

Tour video

A video was put together from photos and videos taken on phones and is a quick attempt. A more thorough video with better photos and videos will be coming soon.

So, please share the first attempt with your collective. We hope you enjoy it.

Video of European tour

Invitation to Shri Maha Mary Jesus Easter Puja and Weddings in 2018

And now, we request you also share with all your collectives our invitation to Shri Maha Mary Jesus Easter Puja and Weddings to be held in Australia during March and April 2018.

As we are family, it is only right and proper that we invite you all to our homes so you can come and spend some time enjoying with us. You are all on a sacred obligation that we must repay in kind hospitality and respect shown to us all during the European Tour.

We have created the invitation video below and a website about our 2018 event, so please visit us at:

Invitation video for Easter Puja 2018 in Australia


Sincerely, Chris
(14th September, 2017)

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