European Tour 2017 – Annecy, France. Music of Hearts, the first MOJ program in Europe.

Report from MOJ program in Annecy, France: 23 August 2017.

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

The Music of Joy European Tour has commenced!  The MOJ Tour to Europe encompasses the spreading of Sahaja  Yoga as well as building deeper bonds of Sahaj brotherhood and sisterhood. The reports below show the wonderful success of the first concert!

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Report No 1 from Bhagyashree

Dear Family,


First of all, with our heart we would like to thank you The Adi Shakti for the powerful event!!! No words to express our gratitude to MOJ!! Thank you Thank you Thank you

MOJ tour rocked in Annecy and gave such a joyful concert, the hall was full (275 seats). First concert in Europe had huge success!!! Didiji and Anandbhaiya’s family honoured us by their presence. We had around 20 yogis for concert – 15 from neighbour town and 5 from Swiss.

Concert started around 7:45pm, hall was already full with wonderful audience.  Malik Metouri introduced MOJ and purpose of the concert especially during this hard time Europe is facing with terrorist attacks. and then he translated on going event. With a few melodious songs, the time has come where we had Jogwa followed by realization and meditation. Everyone felt the peace, joy and vibrations!!

Here we realized the special talent of John to introduce very sweetly the teachings of Mother, with few more songs to bring the joy, and everyone just stood and started dancing.

The hall was full of joy, you cannot imagine such a bliss we felt in our heart to see such a joyful Sahaj event in heart of Annecy city. We ended up with last dance together, the public came to meet us at the end to express their gratitude with peaceful and joyful faces. Lots of persons from public promised us that they will be joining us for meditation on Wednesday (we will keep you informed about this).

We can only thank you and thank our Beloved Mother for blessing us with this concert.

Huge success, lots of vibrations and wonderful musicians with their lovely melodies. Our hearts are full of music and love. We felt that The Adi Shakti heard our prayers and sent her special saints to work out few little disorders with their special weapon called  fraternal Love!!

We are sure these Sahaj Saints will be successful in their mission as they are guided by The Adi Shakti!

We will be posting you the photos and detailed event story very soon

With lots of love

Jai Shree Mataji,  Bhagyashree

Report No 2 from Chris Marshall

Great experience for all at Annecy.

Small group of local yogis prepared everything so beautifully – central venue was full of seekers, delicious dinner and breakfast and lovely walk on lakeside Park in morning. So much joy was felt by all.

Programme full of vibrations, all new people up dancing.

An auspicious beginning for MOJ first concert for Europe Tour 2017, in this beautiful mountainous town in central Europe.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Your brother,  Chris Marshall


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