European Tour 2017 – Treated like the children of Shri Adi Shakti.

Tour reflections from Merenia, a yogini who was on the tour.

Every town and country had history to enlighten us

Every place we visited was special indeed, with so much to see, in so little time, every one of our hosts treated us like the children of Shri  Adi Shakti, from the concerts to the sightseeing, the exquisite architecture, every town and country had history to enlighten us with and give us a deep understanding and appreciation for everywhere we visited and we will always cherish every moment in our hearts, these photos and videos take us back to those special memories… In a heartbeat….

Every country, every home (ashram) every yogi has a special quality to share and experience.

The global Sahaja sangha was extraordinary

I love every place we went to, for there are so many divine recollections we experienced, from Cabella to Annecy, then back to Cabella to reunite with the global Sahaja sangha was extraordinary… Celebrating Shri Krishna Puja, Shri Ganesha Puja and the weddings, oh the joy, was totally worth having so many sleepless nights of singing dancing and enjoy collectivity to the max of maximum.

Shri Ganesha Puja – Cabella

From the beginning of the tour, to the end, we were showered with love from every collective quality, we were blessed with the peace and contentment in Athens, the depth of depths in Brasov, the masters of Sahaj love in Budapest, the soul of Barcelona, the pure attention of France ….being refreshened staying in the countryside and luxury farm in Nante and Mother’s ashram in Paris was beyond all our dreams.

When we surrender we are in paradise

There were many challenges as always on tour, from flight to flight, from the coughs to exhaustion, from packing numerous times, so many tests for our attention…yet when we surrender we are in paradise and we know in our heart of hearts we can’t comprehend in a tiny minuscule what our Holy Mother has worked out for the world and for the universe of universes through this Music of Joy Europe tour.

My most deepest enlightening experience was my most uncomfortable experience, spontaneously being split from the collective beyond any control was a maya I’ll never forget, was distressing to not be able to fly with everyone but empowering beyond expectations. I had time to express, time to reflect, time by myself, time to introspect and time was precious, and no time for FOMO…(fear of missing out) ….

as I sat in the security of a baby changing room looking in a huge mirror away from the noise of the airport, I had a deep sense of purpose and knowing that my presence in the Barcelona airport was beyond me….

Shri Mataji needed me there for a reason, I felt so secure and her presence was securing the whole of Barcelona.

Now I have caught up on some sleep….

These tours are all about love

All I feel is LOVE….Mother’s love for all of us and for all of humanity. These tours are all about love, love thyself and love for each other, giving realisation is the bonus we receive by enlightening another and sharing Mother’s love.

 European tour Self Realisation programs

I will cherish Mother’s love and the love for my brothers and sisters… Always…

Never ending love to you all….Arohanui from Merenia
Jai Shri Mataji!

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