European Tour 2017 – Greece. Waves of soothing vibrations.

Report from MOJ program in Greece: 28 – 30 August, 2017

Jai Shri Mataji!

Music of joy really brought waves of soothing vibrations since they landed in Athens. One of the yogini told us that she went into complete thoughtless when she received the group at Airport.

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Public Program
By Mother’s grace and with love of Australian yogis, Greece had opportunity witness wonderful public program with amazing joy, enthusiasm and excellent music. Especially after realization, it felt like Mother had opened the gate of Heaven and poured the rain of vibrations. About 300 to 350 people got their self-realization. MOJ group made everyone dance with their unique way of singing. Many people from crowd could not stop joining dancing. Especially at the end of program almost everyone participated. Whole atmosphere was magical as the program was in open air theater like ancient Greek theater. Our Mama (uncle) Moon was present to amplify this beautiful divine evening with many stars in the sky.

John Smiley presented Sahaja Yoga information and Shri Mataji in excellent manner emphasizing importance of getting self-realization in this current situation of Greek crises.

Delphi Visit
After early morning meditation and breakfast, we left for Delphi. Introduction about importance of Delphi was given on the way by Yuva Shakti girl from Greek collective. Also, we shared our experiences with Shri Mataji during her visit to Delphi at the time Diwali Puja in 1999.

Group visited archaeological site and museum at Delphi. There were 3 main things to see at archaeological site. Omphalos, Shri Ganesha Swayanbhu and Shri Apollo temple.

Omphalos point is exact center point of in Nabhi of world. The Story is like this.

“Among the Ancient Greeks, it was a widespread belief that Delphi was the center of the world. According to the myths regarding the founding of the Delphic Oracle, Zeus, in his attempt to locate the center of the earth, launched two eagles from the two ends of the world, and the eagles, starting simultaneously and flying at equal speed, crossed their paths above the area of Delphi. From this point, Zeus threw a stone from the sky to see where it will fall. The stone fell at Delphi, which since then was considered to be the center of the world, the omphalos – “navel of the earth”. Indeed, the same stone thrown by Zeus took the same name and became the symbol of Apollo, the sacred Oracle and more generally of the region of Delphi.

The marble-carved stone which constituted the omphalos in the monument with the tripod and the dancers troubled the excavators, because they could not decide if it was the original or a copy from Hellenistic and Roman times”

Here, yogis pointed their Nabhi figures towards Omphalos and sung many mantras and songs of Shri Mahalakshmi. We all smelled rose (flower) perfume. Initially we thought that one of us is wearing special perfume but after asking everyone we realize that no one was wearing any perfume. It was coming out of Omphalos. What a miracle!!!! Something must have really worked out at center of Nabhi by MOJ yogis. After all Ganas were visiting Nabhi.

Everyone sung Shri Ganesha Atharvashrisah in front of Shri Ganesha Swayanbhu and Shri Rama mantras and songs in front of Apollo temple. Apollos is Shri Ram as explained by Shri Mataji. One could feel vibrating earth, an auspicious special atmosphere with presence of so many yogis at the important point of Devaloka. On the way back, we had lunch at very beautiful place outside of village next to Delphi.

Evening Meeting with Greek Yogis
In the evening, Greek yogis had opportunity to meditate and sing together with MOJ group in the Hotel hall. As we meditated and sung songs vibrations were getting stronger and stronger and clear out. Thanks, giving and present distribution was done by Greek yogis and from MOJ. We again thank you for very beautiful and nice present given to Greek collective by Australian collective. We will defiantly use this in our pujas and public programs. Collective dinner was ready just after our meeting. It was joyful to celebrate birth day of Yogini with surprised birthday cake arranged by her husband.

Yogis visited Acropolis (Shri Athina temple) and museum before going to Airport. They even gave self-realization to musicians who were playing on the street.

We thank all MOJ yogis and Australian yogis who generously organize this tour and opened their full heart to help Greece. What a great thing to witness this dedication, love, compassion and oneness.

Our Pranam to Holy Mother who made us instrument and all arrangement went very well.

Thank you again and again. Please come again and again!!!

Love,  Vaibhav
On behalf of Greek Collective

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  1. A wonderful blessing. A story full of joy. The waves of Paramchaitanya are rippling down to us here in the southern hemisphere.

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