Nanjing school… the children of China are a joy to behold.

(News from China Tour – Nanjing, Monday Sept 26, 2011)

Following the Shanghai program and the numerous request from those at the program for photographs, stories and demonstrations about the very strange instruments that were being played like the Didgeridoo and Chimta, along with the endless farewells from the Shanghai collective, we took our leave and boarded our bus for the 4 hour overnight journey to Nanjing.

We arrived at Nanjing quite late and took some much needed rest for a few hours before starting the schedule for Nanjing. Following a quick breakfast, we boarded the bus to the Nanjing No. 9 High School for a cultural exchange program. We arrived at the a school which was impressively constructed with world class facilities.

Some of our group were allowed to take part in a painting workshop with the school’s art director. A group of us met the Headmaster and management team. It was a very enlightening meeting. While the school excels academically, it also instructs their children with the core values of Chinese art and music. The Headmaster spoke of the importance of preserving Chinese culture and values. Having seen the beautiful, sweet and impeccable children, one could only support their efforts for their children. Seldom does one see such an inspiring group of young people.

Following lunch, various ensemble groups from the school performed for us. Their innocence, expressed through traditional Chinese instruments, was inspiring to us. In fact, they were a very hard act to follow.

Music of Joy performed a number of songs in the school gymnasium. The children just got it from the start, clapping, singing and dancing. Another amazing encounter with China and its people and culture.

The children of China are a joy to behold.

Chris (on behalf of the China Tour team)

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