Reflections while on China Tour “… endless collective joy and happiness.”

(News from China Tour –Thursday Sept 29, 2011)

Dear Yogis,

To be in China on the Tour it feels as if we are in another universe, a Sahaj place of love, joy and the bliss of seeing thousands of seekers get their Realisation with simple yogis working day and night as brother and sister nothing in the attention but Sahaj We are all trying to go into silence and just do this spiritual work, always and forever.

Over the last few years, with all that has happened in our Sahaj world with all the campaigns and controversies, many have a sense that this direction, that we all seemed to be pulled towards, may not do justice to the Divine example of inspiration and instruction of Our Mother. The conscious attention of so much which today seems so important to so many, did not seem to be reflected by the instruction and talks of Our Mother.

The Guru Puja talk of 2008 and Shri Mataji’s letter of 2010 were clear and consistent with example to us all, in Touring to new countries,

hosting programs to reach seekers and to incorporate music as one of the mediums to convey the vibrations and assist to enlighten the seekers. Somehow, when Shri Mataji could no longer continue Her work of touring and hosting new programs in new and emerging places, we did take up this tradition as perhaps we are capable of doing. We are not a mere few, but we are many, all children of the Divine Mother. The joy of this work is one of the most elevating and transforming of experiences possible. But work is not the correct word. For work, normally implies some onerous activity that can be tiring, this is something else entirely. While there is much activity, less sleep, much travel, late nights, and physical exertion, this is certainly not an effort, but a source of endless collective joy and happiness, a time to inspire and uplift and to feel very close to Our Mother. At the very edge of one’s awareness our perception has a sense of auspicious overreaching presence of the Divine supporting and promoting our efforts during this China Tour.

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Sincerely, Chris (on behalf of the China Tour team)

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