There’s a lot happening in China!

There’s a lot happening in China.

Alex and I just spent a few days in Guangzhou (southern China) to help at a yoga fair and visited three collectives there. They gave realization to over a thousand people and one of them was from Guangzhou TV station and now they request an interview with yogis on national TV.

They will come and film our beginners programme at the Guangzhou SY centre this Sunday so yogis want me to be involved. We can give realization to millions of people with one programme on TV!
Another good news is that a headmaster of a private school in Wunan province (central China) has been practising SY for two months and he wants to turn his school (3,000 students) into a Sahaj school! He wants yogis to go to his school before 25th June to run a workshop for his teachers (over 100 of them) to train the teachers how to teach SY to the students! Isn’t this amazing?! The yogis in China have been desiring to have a Sahaj school in China and we have put our attention on this project recently.
We were looking around for a suitable property to start one from scratch and we didn’t expect this to happen so quickly with a ready made school!

We will go to China next Tuesday so we can go to both very important events and there is also an “outreaching seminar” happening this weekend in one of the cities in China. Alex will go to this while I go and help with the TV programme.
It is going to be a very exciting and busy week. Please ask your collective to give bandhan for success to these events. SY is spreading like wild fire in China.

The left agnya is working out very well in the virata. 

Vincenzo Marfella

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  1. Jai Shri Mataji……..

    It’s great to know that by Mother’s grace so much Sahaja is spreading……….

    may Sri Mataji bless u all……….

    with nirmal love

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