Arriving at Wamuran, Shri Mataji’s home.

[Australian CoolCheck tour:  Tue 27th Dec, 2011]

Our second day of travel towards Wamuran (see note below about Wamuran)  began with a leisurely awakening at Aunty Anita’s house with breakfast and a collective meditation.

Morale was high, as the excitement to reach Wamuran grew with every passing hour. The atmosphere in the bus was abuzz with spirited games of celebrity heads and acoustic bhajan sessions.

Wamuran – Collective property

At 8pm we reached Wamuran, to be warmly welcomed by more interstate and international yuvas, along with the local yogis who had prepared yet another delicious meal for us.

After a beautiful collective meditation and welcome speech from uncle David, we are all off to bed in preparation for our 6am start tomorrow!

Note:  Shri Mataji personally chose the Wamuran country property and Sir CP paid for it. The large home was built over many years by yogis using mud bricks and timber from the property. The Australian yogis traditionally celebrate Guru Puja there. (Below -photos from Guru Puja 2011)

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Jai Shri Mataji!

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  1. R Venkateswaran,Guwahati, Northeast India

    Jai Shri Mataji !!!

    I am thrilled to read the story. In our Assam State , the traditional houses were built with mud and bamboo only. The outside portion of the ‘Villa’ of our dear Mother shown in the photo resembles very much an Assam type villa, surrounded by greenery.

    You all are foutunate enough to undertake such a ‘pilgrimage’.

    Let the world tour continue in the coming years spreading the divine messge of love.

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