“We are excited to get started; giving realisation”.

[Australian CoolCheck tour:  Mon 26th Dec, 2011]

Woolgoolga footsoak

Today, 40 yogis from around Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ukraine and Italy set of from Our Mother’s House in Burwood (Sydney) in a luxury bus, for the CoolCheck tour of Eastern Australia.

The trip, in our deluxe, air-conditioned vehicle, was smooth and relaxed, punctuated with spontaneous bhajan sessions and Disney films.

The journey to Woolgoolga (600kms north of Sydney) ended with a collective footsoak and swim at safety beach, followed by a delicious feast of dal and rice, honey soy chicken, salad, turkey bolognese, banana, chocolate and carrot cake. This wonderful spread and warm hospitality was provided by the local yogis; Anita, Sarah, Peter and little Kubera.

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Some impressions from today’s trip;

“chilled and nice”

“pleasant journey”

“really nice mix of ages and people from different parts of Australia and the world”

“it’s fun, we are just getting organised and enjoying ourselves together”

“we are excited to get started; giving realisation”

Jai Shri Mataji!

With love,
the CoolCheck team

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  1. R Venkateswaran,Guwahati, Northeast India

    Jai Shri Mataji !!

    Enjoy the bliss and cool breeze !!!

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