“The vibrations are getting stronger, building to a crescendo”

[Australian CoolCheck tour,  Brisbane: Wed 28th Dec, 2011]

Brisbane program

Today was our first official programme day in Brisbane (capital city of Queensland). We woke up early for a 6:30am collective meditation. A beautiful Ganesh puja was followed by a talk by Shri Mataji on the first power that we receive as Sahaja Yogis, regardless of our subtle condition- the ability to raise the kundalinis of others.

The local yogis had booked a theatre in the central Brisbane library, in the heart of the CBD. So we set up for the programme and welcomed the first seekers within 5 minutes of arriving. The flow was slow but steady throughout the day and we rotated ourselves between leafleting and manning the programme.

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Now we are on our way back to the ashram, having stopped at a nearby beach to footsoak.

Jai Shri Mataji!

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  1. R Venkateswaran,Guwahati, Northeast India

    Jai Shri Mataji !

    Nice. Thanks for laying the foundation. In the coming days it will manifest tremendously.

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