Expressions of love from visiting yogis to Chinese yogis

Several letters from visiting yogis on China  2011  MOJ  Tour to the Chinese collective.

Letter 1

Jai Shri Mataji!

Dear Alex, Lily, and the Yogis of the Chinese, and Hong Kong collectives.

On behalf of all the travelling group from Australia, Belgium, America, Israel, and India we just wanted to write to again say a big thank to you all for hosting all of us for such a beautifully inspiring spiritual Tour through your wonderful country, and meeting so many inspiring Chinese Yogis.

It was a real pleasure for all of us to have met each and every Yogi we were privileged to have meet in the great Sahaja country of China, and in Hong Kong,  and to be able to share some special and unique times together spreading the message of Shri Mataji’s love to all seekers.

The  hospitality, kindness shown to us during our stay exceeded all of our expectations and it was magnificent and humbling to experience.  Together with your willingness to go out of your way to make us all feel  comfortable :  it  felt like we were all travelling in a paradise while on this Earth.

It could not  have been easy to have planned and hosted  nine major Public Programmes, hosted a National Seminar, and looked after the needs of  36 guests for 16 days. All done with an  innocence, and with such beaming smiles which reflected the unlimited  love and grace  of Our Mother.

You made us all feel so welcomed, and you all certainly performed daily miracles of love as you perfected the meaning of the word   “hosts”  giving us all the comforts of home. We only hope that as your guests we were not too demanding in our many requests of you, and  the claims we made upon your good natures.

Many of us have been fortunate to have travelled to many countries over the years, but the hospitality shown to us has been  unmatched. The sixteen days we spent in China  has filled each one of us with great hope and inspiration for a Sahaj future. We are all still the talking about our amazing experiences, adventures, and the vibrations we received  to our collectives. However the most inspiring and humbling was to meet each of you and to have  experienced the depth of your dedication, devotion, and love of Shri Mataji.

Perhaps it is a little early to begin planning for next year, but we just wanted you all to know that we hope that we can all spend some more time  together with you all soon. We understand that you must have had to devoted a huge amount  of time and work into this year’s 2011 China Tour,  and  you may need some rest.

Sahaja Spiritual experiences and memories of the good times shared with brothers and sisters are our true treasures in our busy  world. We all now have a treasure trove of  beautiful experiences to enjoy and relive for many years to come.
We are all one family, so please do not hesitate to ask for anything from any of us,  or whatever you need us to do to assist you. This will be our highest duty and pleasure.

We will never forget the great help we received, and the kind  and enormous heart with which we were welcomed through every step of our journey throughout the great land of China

Chris  on  behalf  of  all  your  China  2011  MOJ  Tour  guests.


Letter 2

Dear All, After all these comments, what can one say, we all agree with what has been written and said.

All I can say is it has been a privilege and honour to  have spent some time with some great souls. Indeed only by the grace of Shri Mataji has this at all been possible.

All thanks and praise to You our great Mother, we bow at Your Lotus Feet again and again and again forever.



Letter 3

Dear Alex and Lily,

Where to start, how to start to say thank you.

Please can you pass on to all the Chinese and Hong Kong Yogi’s the following message?

From the moment we landed in China, we were met with an incredible feeling of love.

This time will be kept in the heart forever as one of the most wonderful treasures.

The Chinese and Hong Kong Yogis are so sweet, innocent, joyful and devoted, this has been a truly life changing time.

It is not possible to highlight one particular moment or experience. From start to finish(and how we wish it did not finish) it was the most beautiful scene.

I had to come back to work as soon as we arrived in Australia. This week work has been a training course. Impossible to bring my heart and attention to the training, as they are still in China.

I pray sincerely to The Divine, that I may become even close to these beautiful angels.

The Chinese and Hong Kong Yogi’s have demonstrated what it is to walk, breath, speak and live the example that our Holy Mother wishes.

Sill there are tears of joy welling and overflowing from the heart all day long and even now whilst writing this email there is an enormous feeling of love and appreciation for what the Chinese and Hong Kong Yogis gave.

The writing could go on forever and ever. Thank you Shri Mataji for allowing us to be a part of this most beautiful chapter of the Divine Story.

With all Love, sincerity, humility and gratitude.

May God bring us together again very soon.


Jai Shri Mataji

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  1. I fell like a spectator enjoying a game without actually having played the game!

    Hope we hear of many, many more such beautiful experiences. There is hope for the future indeed.

    Thank you Divine Mother, and may we continue to enjoy such expressions of Your Love…

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