Love from Chinese yogis to visiting yogis

Various letters from Chinese yogis to visiting China Tour yogis

Letter 1

Dear Chris and All,

What more in life is there than serving Shri Mataji and playing a small part to bring Her love and enlightenment to China is a very humbling experience.

It was a great joy to be part of the tour and we are all grateful for the opportunity to be together again but this great work was really done by all of our brothers and sisters in MOJ and the yogis in China who worked so tirelessly to arrange everything so that we could all enjoy.

It was amazing how smoothly the tour flowed and this is all due to the dedication and love of our hosts and to the blessings of Shri Mataji.

We are really looking forward for the next tour so that we can again enjoy the beautiful music and joyful times together.

Much Love,

Jai Shri Mataji

Letter 2

Dear MOJ brothers and sisters:

You have returned to Australia or your country, but in my heart we are always together, no matter where you are. In music we have melted in the same sea of joy, if we are small drops of the same ocean, how can we distinguish from each other? and this same ocean is Shri Mataji our Divine Mother’s love.

You poured the profound and beautiful spiritual music on the land of China which is a part of the world, give so much people realization, and meantime many of Chinese yogis also experienced the inner joy of unprecedented, and have improved because of your presence and the strong vibration of music. And one of concert be embedded in the Chna national seminar is extremely infrequent, this is the first time yogis in this kind of China seminar achieved a greater and deeper collective joy. We hope, maybe after this year’s MOJ tour the China sahaja collective will enter into a new stage of spiritual ascend.

We can not imagine you group carry so heavy instruments, to do long distance, and continuously removed which requires great patience and perseverance and strong body. You did these like superman, yes superman. All these can be done should be completely out of God’s love, dedication and compassion. In addition, how your voice and the voice you play the instrument become pure channel of divine love? We just receive and enjoy the flow of love, we need to learn from you in many ways, and we really hope MOJ can come to China again next year. In fact my heart eagerly look forward to meet you and share the beautiful time of paradise.

Also would like to express thanks to all members who joined this MOJ Realise China tour ……. There are too many to be thankful for from our heart and let us deeply thank the real source of all these beautiful things–our Divine Mother! JAI SHRI MATAJI!!


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