Guangzhou “…the audience touched their spirit”

(News from China Tour – Guangzhou  program, Thursday October 6, 2011)

Dear Yogis,

We arrived at Guangzhou and commenced our preparations for the program with a Navaratri night celebration Puja which was hosted at the hotel.

The dedication to the worship of the Devi helped to strengthen the attention and the relationship with the Divine, and then auspiciousness abounds.

The Puja was celebrated with touring group and the local collective,  and was very deep with the prayer which naturally springs from the heart that if Our Mother is pleased that may the seekers attend the public program. The next morning, we walked from the hotel a short distance to the local centre located within a high rise apartment for morning meditation with the Yogis. The mood of meditation from the Puja and meditation carried through to the program.

The program was another great success with 500 seekers receiving their realization, a  really great great program. The spark was ignited, the kundalini flowed, the audience touched their spirit perhaps for the first time, and we Yogis lifted to that place of the silent reverie of the spirit.

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When a Yogis takes part in a Tour to promote Sahaja Yoga, then naturally within our Sahaj family there develops and strengthens bonds of friendship and trust. This is  natural and present with all the Yogis, those who we met for the first time such as the local Yogis here in China who travelled with is, together with the travelling Yogis. We are part of the Sahaj collective, the relationship is pure above all things such as can only exist within a spiritual family. Over the last two weeks we have all become very close and as the sad day of the end of the Tour approached, many of us feel this is the real world much vitally Sahaj than the world of our normal day to day lives.

During the China Tour, we have for a time, emptied ourselves of the normal daily concerns and routine of job, and our other roles.  Emptied of the daily demands and  struggle, the spirit can  take much more control of our fate and things happen of their own accord just as they needed  to.

Sincerely,  Chris (on behalf of the China Tour team)

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