“…And the Chinese – wow – they are so amazing”

(From Moris in Wuhan, on the China Tour, Oct 6, 2011)

Jay Shri Mataji!

I wanted to share with you some experiences from the tour in China, which is still going on because this is just overwhelming.

We have been already to some cities around China, Music of Joy from Australia and other yogis from other countries who joined them, and I must say that I am in love with those two collectives – the Chinese and the Australian.

The venues are full, fully booked – everyone wants to come for the show, every time 400, 600, 1400 people in the venue. And when they start singing, the audience starts clapping, and then starts dancing, and then the Chinese yogis come forward dancing on the stage and then the audience becomes even more excited and the start dancing even more, and so much joy is there.

At the end of the concert, the audience asks for one more song, so they play another song, and then they are always given flowers and presents, every concert by the Chinese and then the audience goes up on the stage and people take pictures with them and ask for autographs – amazing! As if they were celebrities.. and then some of them tries to play on the instruments and the musicians show them some beats on the drums.. so beautiful…

And the Chinese – wow – they are so amazing, they are so open hearted, so caring, so generous, and the interaction between the two collectives it so heart warming. How do they bring so many people to every concert I can’t understand.. Until now they gave around 3,000 people self realization and it’s not finished yet!! more 6 days ahead!… I wish you could all be here and see that… that is real Shaja Yoga for me…

Wuhan, China.

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