Impressions from China “… It is pure joy ! no doubt.”

Dear sisters and brothers,

just a few lines about the Music of Joy Tour in China which has started last Sunday and still has one more week to go.
It is pure joy ! no doubt. We have a concert every evening and a few times also in the afternoon, in different cities. The venue is full booked (though for free) each time, that means from 400 to 1000 seats. According to Chinese tradition, the concert starts at exactly 7PM, as announced in the flyer-invitation. All ages are represented but mostly younger people and students.

One young man from the public, an Australian who studies in China send us a message with felicitations and mentioning that he never saw Chinese people reacting so joyful and open as to the Sahaj concert. They usually are very stiff, don’t express their emotions and don’t control their children. In the Music of Joy concert they behave like that by the start of the concert but as soon as we sing ‘Jogawa’ (after a few days we decided to start with that song) they clap their hands, shake their bodies and by the end get up from their chairs and start dancing. Usually, after the concert, they ask for more!

The concert at Tanjing, about 2 hours driving from Beijing, was broadcasted on internet and not less then 10 million Chinese people were watching the concert and the Self-realization program !!! It should be on Youtube when you look for ‘music of joy china 2011’ ( I cannot check it because Youtube is not allowed to us). Please check  and enjoy the concert.

The yogis in China are very sweet, loving and humble. The way they prepare everything and the way they take care of us is astonishing. They booked meals for us in the best restaurants, the accommodation in the hotels is very good. They really think about everything. Whatever we need, it is already there.

The Music of Joy group (from Sydney and surroundings) is also full of sweet, loving and caring brothers and sisters, who mostly don’t have their roots in Australia but don’t have any desire to move from that beautiful country full of nature.

Our daily program is traveling, eating far too much (sometimes 5 meals a day), preparing and doing concert and sleeping far too less…

Besides, China is a country with a very particular culture, very subtle, artistic. The language sounds very poetic though we don’t understand a single word of it…But they explained me what Belgium means in Chinese characters. They call it ‘Biligen’, putting the stress on ‘gen’. The pronunciation of each word is very important for the meaning of it. There are 3 Chinese characters for ‘Biligen’, their significance is ‘green diamond’, beautiful’ and ‘precious’. Isn’t that wonderful ?
On the subtle side we (the foreigners) all suffer from left and back Agnya, which is the chakra from China. I have a slight headache every day and many of us have.

The cities are huge, Beijing is bigger then our country, counting 20 million citizens. Away from the cities, I get the same impression as in India, apart from the quality of the roads which is very high in China and causes back pain in India .
China is a modern country. There is a lot of poverty but we don’t get to see that part of it. All the western shops, malls and fast food restaurants are represented.

Now we are at the national seminar at Chengdu more in the south-west of China. There are 500 yogis attending the seminar. The seminar started this afternoon, we had a collective small Ganesha Puja, a string burning, working vibrationally on each other and a Havan. the time schedule is rather strict, we can learn from the Chinese discipline .

Please give bandhans to support the next week of the tour.

Jai Shri Mataji !


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