India Tour 2016/17 – Nargol, where Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara in 1970.

Thursday 12th January, 2017 – Nargol

Journey over the Ghats into Gujarat and Nargol
The Tour left Nasik for the journey over the Ghats into Gujarat and the sea side location of Nargol. There were dry sweeping plains with grasses  browning under the heat of the sun, in the distance loomed the mountain range we were about to cross. The mountains are a range of old volcanoes. The rocky peaks are the inner cores at the centre of these extinct volcanoes.


The trees dot the landscape are hardy and strong to survive the extremes of climate.  It was a long trip as our buses made their way up the winding roads to cross the range.  As we dipped into the valleys, between the hill there were lush green groves of palm, eucalyptus and neem trees and planted field with bullock driven ploughs turning the soil.

By some stroke to luck, we stopped in the middle of nowhere for a rest stop by a small road side stall selling chips, drinks and samosas offered in a bread roll and filling. They had their best single day of business ever as 75 hungry Yogis cleaned them out of all their food.  The stop ended with the shop owners sitting on the floor of their stand receiving their Self Realization.

Site where Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara
We arrived in Nargol mid-afternoon and we were all accommodated in a series of buildings close to the Nirmal tree. A boarding school for tribal children runs in some of the buildings which was great as there was always children in and around the camp.

We went to the site where Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara of the Universe at this place in 1970.

Shri Mataji opens the Primordial Sahasrara (May 5th 1970) – HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

 Small temple to Shri Mataji
Between the site of the buildings and the sea, there is a stand of thousands of She Oak trees which extend for a few kilometers up and down the coast. It is a government managed forest project with many of the newer planted tress set out in ordered rows leading to the sea. There is a small temple to Shri Mataji set onto a small hill with one tree built into the concrete platform. Adjacent to the site, there are three trees which are much older than the one built into the small temple. There is some discussion about which is the actual Nirmal tree but the vibrations and depth of meditation in this forest indicate this is the place where this cosmic event took place. As soon as you enter into this forest, you feel you attention go very deep, the vibrations all around are flowing very strongly and the mood of the yogis focuses on the spirit.

A serenity and tranquillity here that is rarely felt
We were here for two days and always there was large numbers of Yogis spending long hours by the tree in meditation. Everyone gathered for morning meditation as the rising sun filtered through the early morning mists drippings the oaks in colour. There is a serenity and tranquillity here that is rarely felt, it puts the soul at rest and makes one feel that we have come to a spiritually significant place on the Earth. Many Yogis lay on the soft sandy Earth absorbing the vibrations, overhead the wind stirred the crowns of the trees creating a gentle swaying motion in harmony with forces of mother nature. The canopy of the trees block the full force of the sun, so it is always cool as a gentle sea breeze blows in from the ocean.

30,000 people have received their Self Realization during the Tour
The Tour has been traveling through India for almost three weeks, five states, eleven cities close to 30,000 people have received their Self Realization which is something in our own countries would take many, many years of effort. At this level, it is a stunning success, but it has also been a huge lift in excitement and effort from all the collectives we have visited as they have promoted the program and hosted the foreign Yogis.

Everywhere we have visited there were beautiful account of the love given and shared with the Yogis which has so inspired us all. At the same time in parallel there has been a spiritual pilgrimage at a deeply personal level to many of the significant Sahaja spiritual sites in India which were the stage upon which Our Mother’s life was enacted. Shri Mataji’s presence is all pervading and everywhere always, yet at these places of spiritual significance, the presence of Our Mother is deeply within the souls. Nargol is just such a place.

Open, happy, smiling faces beaming and reflecting lives lived in that is dharma and peace.
The first afternoon of our time here, a program was held at a local school Vapi where the musicians played and gave Self Realization to 300 children who were captivated by this group of foreigners playing their traditional music.

The next day, another program was held at the Tata High School at Nargol where another group of 300 older high school students were given their Self Realization.

Giving self realisation in a high school in Nargol

The style of programs here involves felicitations of everyone associated with the program, but the music and Self Realization was strong and clear. The children were immaculately presented and behaved with such natural good attention and open, happy, smiling faces beaming and reflecting lives lived in that is dharma and peace.

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Jai Shri Mataji!

Sincerely, Chris
2016/17 India Tour


  1. David & Trisha Sharp

    Thankyou, Chris & Everyone for being “on Tour” in this Holy area. A great record & achievement to have given Self Realisation to so many thousands ! We can feel your love flowing (which is also Our Divine Mother’s Love) & is very much enhancing our own Love…..It would be tremendous to get together a film of the whole Tour for inspiration, & as a record of such a great Sahaja Yoga Event. JAI SHRI MATAJI !!
    Much love- from David & Trisha Sharp in New Zealand, & on behalf of all N.Z. Sahaja Yogis.
    Chris, this is a fantastic record of the whole Tour, I am sure Our Mother is so happy….. David.

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