Recollections Video of India Tour 2016/17 & Jambut School Project.

Dear Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Recollections of India Tour

We would like to share a video of our recent India 2016/17 Tour for everyone’s enjoyment.

The India Tour visited 5 States, 12 Cities and 30,000 seekers received their Self Realisation. It is Our Mother’s work we seek to follow.

Shri Mataji could not visit all the corners of the Earth, but perhaps we can work to take Sahaja Yoga to all the corners of the  world. This is one of our contributions.


Jambut School Project

As many are aware, over the last eight years, Australian Yogis have been helping to build a school in Jambut located in Maharashtra. This is featured in the tour video. While there, we held a very successful Public Program and opening ceremony of the school. Our school is 50% completed.

As you can see in the video, this a great project benefiting so many people. With all the goodwill generated by the school’s opening, it is good time to try to get more momentum with the building work.

If you would like to help,  then please follow the link below to see how you can donate towards the Jambut building fund


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Photos from Jambut Public Program

With love,
India Tour 2016/17 team


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