India Tour 2018: Chandigarh and Ambala programs

“Everything is illusion, except for the Divine Love of God that is all-pervading which you can feel through your Spirit. The Divine Love – makes you not only strong, but dynamic. It is the greatest luminous power that we can think of. “

Shri Mataji transformed us all through Her Divine Love and it was during the India Tours that Shri Mataji held that we felt that transformation under Her guidance at its most powerful.

Immersed by Her Divine Love

To take Western Musicians to India, and to travel together, and to work with our Indian brothers and sisters hosting Self Realisation programs using the Divine Music that Shri Mataji gave us, allows us to follow a Divine pattern of living a Sahaja life that Shri Mataji created to help transform our lives to ones that can best serve Her Will and do Her Work and to be immersed by Her Divine Love.

The Music of Joy of India 2018 was epic in its nature, starting in the Himalayas and travelling through the north of India with programs at ISPS, Pathankot, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and Ambala then further programs in Delhi. The Tour then continued in the South of India with programs in Puducherry, Chennai and Bangalore and then onto through the sacred sites of Maharashtra and further programs at Jambut, Pune and Kolhapur.

Chandigarh and Ambala programs

The interviews in this video are of the Yogis after the Chandigarh and Ambala programs – the joy in their faces and voices is a highlight.

This Video covers the first third of the Tour being the Tour from ISPS through Northern India to Delhi. Part 2 will be Delhi and the Southern Tour. I did not attend the Maharashtra section so let’s see.


Sincerely Chris

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