‘Shri Mataji’s love touched the hearts of so many seekers in Guangzhou’

[Here is a recollection of the recent program & concert in Guangzhou, China on July 5, 2010]

The MOJ tour in China had been planned for many months with a team of yogis from the six cities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai. The first concert was scheduled for Guangzhou which is the provincial capital of Guangdong province the largest southern city in China with a population of over 10 million. The local yogis had worked very hard to prepare for the MOJ concert.

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Beautiful brochures, flyers and printed tour T-shirts

Beautiful brochures and flyers had been printed, tour T-shirts with a beautiful design had been created for all the musicians and yogis.

The stage had been decorated with a large backdrop with the same theme as all the promotional materials with a beautiful lotus design. In the centre was a projection screen which, during the concert, displayed scenes from nature with a chakra chart and miracle photo for realisation. Decorating the front of the stage was a row of lotus flowers in pots. Yogis had travelled from far and wide to attend the concert some travelling for over 10 hours in busses just for the concert. MOJ is already widely known about as most collectives have got copies of their CD’s and they are the benchmark for aspiring bajhan groups in China. The hall started filling up and there were large numbers of children who are on their summer vacation. The hall was an older theatre with a seating capacity of 800 seats.

These were soon filled and there was no room for many yogis who had to find space in the aisles and to the side of the stage. Unfortunately the old air conditioning system could not cool down the hall so it was very hot especially for the musicians who were cooking under the bright stage lights. There was much excitement and as soon as the music started everyone settled down to the three great mantras this was followed by “It’s raining on the rock“ which set the tone for the performance and the flavour of Australia. As the song was sung a beautiful DVD of the Uluru was played that showed this majestic swayambu in all it’s glory. The vibrations were blasting from the stage and the subtle air conditioning was now working so one forgot about the heat and got lost in the moment. This was followed by a traditional American Indian song “We are the children of the earth”, which was very well received by the audience. The combination of Indian bajhans, beautiful arrangements of western song with five part vocal harmonies all added to the magic of the night. Daphne a local yogin and Heman from Hong Kong were wonderful hosts and provided a commentary and translation. What touched the audience’s hearts the most was an arrangement of a traditional song that Lyndon had taught the group called Xiao Cao which is based on an old Chinese children‘s song. As soon as the first Chinese word was sung the audience broke into spontaneous applause which continued as the sopranos and then the tenors added to the harmony of the song. The concert was broken into two parts and Daphne and Heman delighted the children when they introduced the instruments on stage and all the children ran down to the front to see. The one little boy was chosen to come and try the harmonium to the delight of the local Chinese. The moment of realisation came for many when Jogowa was sung and the kundalini awakened as everyone was encouraged to wind up their own kundalini as ude ude ude was repeated six time and a resounding “Ho” at the end. It was a very joyous moment when one felt connected to each and every person in the auditorium. There was a short realisation session led by Heman and Daphne and then a short meditation. There was a deep and profound silence for a few minutes and then a soft and melodious rendition of Jago Kundilini Ma.

Looking out at the audience there was a see of shining faces as Shri Mataji’s love touched the hearts of so many seekers in Guangzhou. The meditative mood continued with a beautiful arrangement of Mozart’s Alleluia which was the last song for the evening. Many seekers remained and came to meet the musicians and expressed their gratitude for them coming to perform in Guangzhou. It was truly a magic moment some had tears in their eyes and said they had never felt so peaceful and moved. It was certainly a special experience for all of us as this was the largest public program we had ever had in China. There was so much love and joy felt by everyone it was really a great breakthrough,.

Jai Shri Mataji


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