‘These moments seem like eternities, but sadly these eternities seem like only moments.’

Lyndon enjoying a bike ride.

[ Report from Lyndon on the South-East Asia Tour in China:  Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu ]

You might have seen the email from Lene. She wrote it out on her iphone during the flight to Wuhan and she was reading it out to us at lunch yesterday. Somebody took a photo of her when she was reading and on the camera her

whole face came out as a ball of light. Everyone is feeling that special energy and stamina that we only get when Shri Mataji has powerful attention on us. We hardly are aware if we sleep for two hours or seven hours because we know that we will have the same energy the next day, regardless. It is like the energy is given to us directly from Shri Mataji.

The music we have chosen is working very well here, but we haven’t had any time for practice after leaving Australia, even though we often intend to practice. Sometimes we just have to grab bhajans from the songbook that we think we all know well and play them on stage. Luckily we managed to get time in Australia to put together a handful of songs which work very well. The Chinese song  is very popular with the audience. We sang it in Guangzhou and they started applauding after the introduction, even before I got to the words, and when I sang the first phrase in Chinese they applauded again and then clapped in time all the way through the song. Exactly the same thing has happened in Shenzhen and Wuhan even though it is completely different people for each concert. Tonight the audience was asking if we had any more songs in Chinese. I translated some verses of Kindle My Heart into Chinese but we still haven’t had time to properly practice it (we did sing it in English) so the Hong Kong yogis and some of the Wuhan yogis sang Pass It On  in Chinese which was also wonderful.

After the first concert in Guangzhou the Chinese Sahaja Yogis sent messages to other cities in China about their experiences. One told me everyone was amazed by the concert and had many things to say to each other over the internet. Some people who were not even Sahaja Yogis had told them they cried through the whole concert.

Another yogi had reported that the day after the concert in Shenzhen they felt the sky was smiling over Shenzhen. Tonight one boy in Wuhan told me that after last night’s concert he went home and the vibrations of the concert were swirling through and over his head for hours. As you know, Chinese people are very emotional, but these experiences are extraordinary and we are all amazed by the open-hearted feeling and honest enthusiasm shown at each concert.

Tonight we did a concert in a big shopping mall. It was four storeys of shops and very modern. I felt like I was back in Sydney on the stage at Eastgardens or Parramatta. But the reaction of the audience was completely different to how Australians would have reacted. About 400-500 people who had come to do their shopping, changed their minds and changed their hearts on the spot. Instead they came and sat on the seats for the next two hours and didn’t move or even think to go back to their plans. We sang Jogawa and got them all to do the actions and after that they could feel cool. By the end of the concert everyone was dancing to Siyahambha and Nirguna Nirmala just like in a puja.

These moments seem like eternities, but sadly these eternities seem like only moments.

Tomorrow we must leave our wonderful brothers and sisters in Wuhan and fly to Chengdu very early. We need to get up at five and be on the bus by six. Now it is half an hour past midnight. I skipped dinner after the concert so I would have time to share this experience with you.

Extremely great things are happening here in China and it is fantastic to be a part of it all and witness Shri Mataji’s vibrations transforming so many people in front of our eyes. It is almost as if Shri Mataji is on the stage and singing for us. Even after so many years in Sahaja Yoga and all my experience in China I never thought things like this could happen. After doing two concerts in Vietnam and four concerts in China I still cannot anticipate what the next concert will be like because each new concert is another new amazing experience and the vibrations just seem to be increasing each time.

The Sahaja Yogis here are extremely caring for us and do much more for us than we can possibly do for them. All we can offer them is our inspiration and our music, but according to their feeling this is as if we have brought them Shri Mataji Herself. I have no way to explain this. These are the same songs presented in Sydney before we left and sung by the same people, but somehow, on this stage we have all been gifted with miraculous powers. We have no fears or anxieties. Every challenge seems to be solveable. We just seem to know that Shri Mataji is looking after everything. For me, even speaking Chinese seems easier than I expected.

I wish we had the same powers when we return to Australia so you could all truly experience what this is like, but maybe by then there will be more important places for Shri Mataji’s attention. So we try to treasure every moment here, even as we slip away to sit in the internet cafe or move aside to text on our phones, just so we can try to share with you in a haphazard way some brief impression of this awesome experience.

Will try to write again soon.Lyndon

Jai Shri Mataji,

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  1. great….china, vietnam after sri lanka….jai shree mataji…wish u all the very best of divine vibrations!…ashok from Pune, India

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