‘ …attracting seekers by meditating’

[Australian CoolCheck tour, January 3 to 5, 2012]

WOOLGOOLGA (550km north of Sydney): Jan 3, 2012
Story No 1
We began the morning with a beautiful meditation which gave us the inspiration for a day of realisation.

We had planned to have two programs today on the beach of Woolgoolga and in Coffs Harbour. Although the traffic flow was so slow in Coffs Harbour we decided to pack up and join forces in Woolgoolga for a realisation giving bananza.

The sun was shining, the beach was beautiful and the water was warm.  The yuvas began attracting seekers by meditating and putting together a spontaneous bhajan group and singing beautiful devotional songs. The seekers began to flow in but were sometimes hesitant to sit down. Many took the coolcheck brochure and the details of the local programs and assured us they would try either on the beach or at home.

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For lunch a local Sahaja yogi who owns a curry van turned up with butter chicken and samosas for everybody on tour. We enjoyed the curry and finished the feast with a stylistic bangra performance leaving the adults reminiscing about India tour days and attracting more seekers.

The day finished with not as many realisations compared to Byron Bay, but everyone enjoyed a beautiful day full of spontaneous moments.

Story No 2
This morning we had an early start to set up our realisation tent by the beach in Woolgoolga. We found a fantastic spot in the shade, just metres from the beach. Some of our musicians began to play; on flute, saxophone, guitar and Djembe. People were drawn to the music and began to sit and receive realisation.

At lunch time a local Indian caterer (who has received his realisation and often organises stalls for sahaja yoga at the Woolgoolga curry fest), brought along butter chicken and samosas for all of us as well as his dhol! So the next hour passed with a Bhangra dancing session that has all the passersby, especially the children, captivated.

We slowly wound up the stall as the last few seekers got their realisation and had a collective footsoak in the sea. Then we continued our journey to Taree…

TAREE (300km north of Sydney): Jan 3/4, 2012
Story No 1
Yesterday we travelled from Woolgoolga to Taree which was full of adventure. The trip was rather smooth until we took a wrong road out of Taree. We back tracked about an hour and then found our way on to the main road. By then the petrol stations were closed so we decided to take the risk and challenge the dirt roads on red (no full).  This was a risk for any normal person but not for a bunch of yuvas with the desire to give realisation. The divine carried our bus all the way to the car park high in the hills of Bobin above Taree through a maha detour as our 12 tonnes bus was too heavy for the bridges of the area.

The Taree collective was excited to have us and prepared an amazing meal and comfortable hall for us to sleep. The next morning after another deep meditation and scrumptious breakfast, for the first time, the bus wouldn’t start. So, luckily we had a yuva on board who was a mechanic and could make it work. We then pumped in 20 litres of fuel, along with some bandhans. We made it all the way to the town centre when we ran out of petrol in front of some road workers. They happily filled us up with petrol and we were on our way! Jai Shri Mataji!

Story No 2
We reached Taree in the wee hours this morning after a few detours down winding country roads. When we finally arrived we were greeted warmly by the collective and housed in a local town hall till the morning.

After a beautiful breakfast and meditation together, we bid them farewell and set off for our next program on the central coast. Alas our luxury bus was faltering in the heat, and 2 breakdowns left us hours behind schedule. The cars travelling in convoy with us went on ahead to assist with the realisation stall.

When we finally reached the central coast in the evening, we all had a footsoak at the beach and there was a chance to give realisation to the last few seekers for the day.

Today was the last official tour day. After a rest on the central coast tonight, we depart for Balmoral* property where the yuva camp begins! Jai Shri Mataji

CENTRAL COAST (80km north of Sydney): Jan 5, 2012
Bus mayas left us in a scramble and a rush to get to Central coast where yogis were waiting for us to run another program. We arrived approximately 6 hours late and the program was run by the local yuvas and yogis. But the tour crew definitely enjoyed a relaxing time together around a delicious BBQ after the gruelling trip from Taree. In the night time the yuvashaktis split up and set off to different house’s to enjoy the company of local yogis before embarking for the 9 days Yuva camp at Balmoral*.

[*Bamoral is our collective property located 110km south west of Sydney.]

Jai Shri Mataji

The CoolCheck Team

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  1. Jai Shri Mataji !!!

    Nice to read the story which is interesting. I remember way back 2003 Shri Mataji’s birthday Puja in Delhi, India. An Australian Yuva Shakti was always coming to our tent and mingling with we Indians.Though he was not talking much he was very serious and dedicated. When my camera’s battery was not charged, he immediately went to his tent and gave me a set of new batteries.He was curious to dine with us ‘vegetarian items!’. Some how i couldnot get his address, etc. If he happens to read this, pl. reply me brother. I miss u….

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