“Carry this with you all the time”

[Australian CoolCheck tour, 30th Dec 2011 to 2nd Jan 2012]

(Tour photos to be added here soon)

30 Dec to 2 Jan, 2012

30th Dec, 2011 – Bundaberg
We stayed over night at the Bundaberg ashram last night, and spent the evening with the local collective; havan and bhajan session. They welcomed us so warmly, that we felt instantly at home.

This morning we set up our tents under the trees at beautiful Bargara beach and gave realisation to some passing holiday makers.

One of the seekers was a lady who stumbled upon our stall by chance and was happy to tell us that she had a friend who had met Shri Mataji at a public program in Australia 20 years ago. When he met Her, She gave him a photo of Herself and said “Carry this with you all the time”, so although he didn’t join the collective, he carries that photo with him wherever he goes.

31st Dec, 2011 – Wamuran (Collective property)
We had an intensive collective clearing session this morning at the Wamuran ashram, to prepare for New Year’s Eve. Everyone divided up into groups of three and worked on each other using 3-candle treatment and the Kavach of the Devi.

After a powerful havan focussing on youth related issues, the festivities began! The night extended well into the next day with music and dancing.

1st Jan, 2012 – Wamuran
After a leisurely wake up and brunch this morning we bid farewell to the wonderful Brisbane Yogis, who cared for us so sweetly. Then it was on to our next destination- Byron Bay.

Our journey ended at main beach with footsoaks, swimming and football until the sun set over the sea. Then we went to stay with 2 local yogi is who kindly opened their homes to us for the night.

2nd Jan, 2012 – Byron Bay
Our day of realisation began early this morning at the Byron Bay markets. We were given a beautifully situated stall that backed on to the rainforest. So we enjoyed a lovely cool breeze blowing through the stall throughout the day.

Today was the day where the stream of seekers flowed the most effortlessly. We gave realisation to well over 250 people, many of whom had a very deep experience and expressed great enthusiasm to find out more.

Some of the comments that we received;

“All of you seem so earthy and well- grounded, it’s really nice to see.”
“Thankyou for bringing meditation to the markets!!!”
“I really appreciate this meditation, as you can easily see the connection to yourself and how it relates to everything”
“It’s great to see meditation here!”
“This is an incredible feeling!”

Tonight we return to Woolgoolga in preparation for 2 realisation programmes tomorrow.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!


  1. R Venkateswaran,Guwahati, Northeast India

    Jai Shri Mataji !!

    When we have connection with the Adi Shakti for our many births, naturally such people come across and give us joy .

    Dear Mother! please give us peace of mind strength and dedication to spread your message of love.

  2. Jai Shri Mataji !!!

    Please come to Trinidad and Tobago, to start up again Sahaja Yoga, Thank you !!!

    Jai Shri Mataji ,

    susan mohammed.

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