India Tour 2018: Nashik • Jambut • Pratishtan • Kolaphur • Bramapuri

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please enjoy this latest letter from the Yogis on India Tour:

Nashik – a welcome with warm smiles and open hearts

After Saptashringi we travelled on to visit the Nashik collective for lunch where we were welcomed with many dhol drums, warm smiles and open hearts.

Welcome to Nashik

After lunch, we spoke about spreading Sahaja Yoga in our respective countries and the challenges faced. Some of us also shared personal experiences with Shri Mataji. We made a donation towards the building of the Nasik collective’s Puja hall, gave them a banner for their public programs, Aboriginal clapping sticks and invited them to join us in Australia for 2019.

Jambut – welcomed with drumming, dancing and aarti

It was then time to travel on to Jambut. There we were once more welcomed with drumming, dancing and aarti. We were dressed in the traditional feta, the headwear of royalty. We walked through the village to attend a children’s concert at the Jambut school. The children were given Shri Mataji’s pendant and a donation was made to the school. After dinner we began the long drive to Shri Mataji’s home, Pratishtan in Pune, arriving there at 4:30am.

Jumbut program

Pratishtan Pune – spent some time resting in our Mother’s home.

After travelling for 48 hours straight, it was bliss to spend some time resting in our Mother’s home. We slept, meditated and foot soaked. We were given the opportunity to do a tour of Her home and sit and meditate in Her bedroom. There we prayed for the removal of all obstacles to the complete success of Easter Seminar, marriages and Shri Mahaganesha Puja.

That evening we had a concert for the public and local collective that went into the late evening. We could strongly feel Shri Mataji’s loving attention as we sang and danced with full heart.

After the concert, we were invited into Shri Mataji’s kitchen. The ladies were given outi and the men beautiful sandalwood combs.

Pratishtan Pune

Kolaphur – They danced and sang as if they had been yogis all their lives!

The next morning, we left Shri Mataji’s home to begin our journey to Kolaphur, the location of the final concert of the tour. On the way we stopped at Kolaphur’s Mahalakshmi Temple.

Shri Mataji speaks of this temple in Her 1990 speech from Kolahpur and the importance of yogis visiting temples such as this:

“Wherever you go to the temples where the prithvi tattwa (Mother Earth) has created the Swayambhu statues, there, completely people started making money out of it, because of this there will be less of Chaitanya (vibrations). Now you have come (Sahaja yogis) and it is possible again the Mahalakshmi (vibrations) get purified.”

Inside we took the darshan of Shri Mahalakshmi, said the Mahalakshmi mantra, sang bhajans and took the Three Great Mantras, by which time we felt a rush of cool vibrations.

We then went straight to the Kolahpur program, walking past huge billboards with Shri Mataji’s beautiful face advertising the program. About 1,000 people got their realisation. They danced and sang with us as if they had been yogis all their lives.

Kohlapur program

Thank you from Kolaphur collective

The next morning after the public program, the Kolaphur collective sent us this message:“Jai Shree Mataji!

Dear everyone at Music of Joy,

We don’t have enough words to tell how much joy and divine love we have experienced because of you all. We thank Shri Mataji again and again for giving such wonderful brothers and sisters around the world. There is kind of deepness and quietude we are experiencing after the concert! Thank you, Shri Mataji, for all these precious moments!

Shri Mataji has said “you will see me in others”- this is what it is, we could feel Shri Mataji through you and your music!!! Dearest brothers and sisters, we give you all our love and we thank you. Let this divine love between us and the bhakti for our Holy Mother be ever-growing and ever flowing!  We wish to see you all again.

Love, Kolaphur Collective”

Bramapuri – where you feel the Brahma, the Chaitanya

On our final day, we rose early to make the journey to Bramapuri.

Shri Mataji said of Bramapuri in Her 1986 speech:
“So today is another day of Saturday, where we are sitting on the bank of Krishna river. See how it works out? Krishna river represents the power of Shri Krishna. So, the Mahalakshmi Tattwa has to go to the Krishna’s state, of the witness state and that’s how we are here today on this special occasion in Brahmapuri, also the word Brahmapuri means where you feel the Brahma, the Chaitanya which you can feel it on this earth.”

As soon as we stepped off the bus, the peace and silence washed away the tiredness of the last few days. We made our way to Shri Mataji to greet Her, meditate, sing bhajans and lay garlands. Some of us then spontaneously gave thanks and offered prayers. We also collectively asked for the full awakening of the witness power of the world sangha.

We then made our way down to the river, passing a cottage where Shri Mataji had stayed and the bathing place of Shri Sita. The waters of the Krishna River were cool and soothing, touching the depths of our Spirit.


Krishna River dancing with joy for Param Pujya Shri Mataji in Brahmapuri

All too soon it was time to make our way back to Pratishthan and begin to make our separate ways back home. By Shri Mataji’s Grace we were able to offer flowers and prasad to Shri Mataji in Her bedroom and make our final prayers; we asked Shri Mataji to look after all the new seekers who received their realisation during the tour, to bless the Australian collective in 2019, and to remove all the obstacles to the complete success of Easter Seminar, marriages, Realise Australia Tours and Shri MahaGanesha Puja.

4,000 Seekers receive their Self Realisation during the tour.

Dearest Shri Mataji, we thank You again and again and again for allowing over 4,000 seekers to receive their Self Realisation during the tour. We thank You again and again for Your love, care and attention for each and everyone us throughout the tour. Thank You for allowing us to feel and see Your presence through the beautiful spirits of our brothers and sisters. Thank You for allowing us to make new connections with our Indian family, memories which will sustain us for the rest of our lives.Dearest Shri Mataji, we thank You again and again and again for allowing over 4,000 seekers to receive their Self Realisation during the tour.

With love,
The Yogis on India Tour
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