Realization drive continues in Dhaka , Bangladesh

Lets all join our hands to focus our enlightened attention so that Bangladesh also gets a prominent green place in our Sahaja map where Sahaja Yoga is fully established. It is indeed a Divine working that within a span of a year such a massive work could be accomplished by Mother’s Divine blessings. Kudos to the yogis established in Dhaka who are the chosen ones who are toiling really hard to see Sahaja Yoga spreads fast. More so the new seekers who turned Sahaja Yogi and within a very short span they became great instruments in spreading the message of Sahaja Yoga in Dhaka.

The recent Realization Drive is scheduled for 7th-9th January 2011, where brothers and sisters from India would join their main streamin Dhaka  to help spread the Divine message of Mother. All your enlightened attention is required for a brilliant results and more numbers of established yogis and more meditation centres . For information, till date there have been several seekrs who received their Self Realization. But the best part is many out of them have started showing up their keen interest in joining the weekly meditation meeting regularly on Friday in Dhaka along with other established yogis. Now the number of regular yogis could be anywhere near 25-30 who attends the weekly meetings.

Jai Shri Mataji

For details of activities already accomplished in Dhaka in past 2010 year can be read at the archival section from realizetheworld site or newsletter section. We also hope to catch you up in case you are interested to visit this beautiful place where your presence will bring in seeker to you without too much of great effort. The yogis in Dhaka are too good ,warm hearted and great people to extend their warm hospitality once you express your desire to visit that country for the Sahaja work. What is more required now is spreading Mother’s message in far and wide places of Dhaka and with a number of follow- ups .Let us keep 2011 as the year for Bangladesh especially from India. What is required is a passport and a hassle free VISA without much formalities. The VISA offices(Bangladesh High Commision in India)  are located in Kolkata,Tripura and Delhi only. So one has to make sure they reach the proper place. Someone on your behalf with authorization letter can do your job at any of these three places in India- (Bangladesh High commissioner office ) .

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